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Ben the Old Wanderer V Blood Carriers (Cursed Forest)

In-game Description

This old survivalist seeked to explore the Cursed Forest, despite knowing it’s danger. As the curse began to cloud his mind, he found ways to fight against it. With his cloak and a helpful little wisp he’d captured in a lantern, his strange magical defense prevented the curse from taking full controll. Though it was too late to prevent his mind from falling to tatters, he still does what he does best… survive.


"Ben the Old Wanderer" iconBen the Old Wanderer, a Level 63 character, roams the roads of the Cursed Forest. As a survivalist, Ben sought to explore the forest and resisted the curse’s effects using a magical cloak and a captured wisp in a lantern. Despite his mental decline, he continues to survive. Defeating him grants several rewards, including a Tier 1 Spell Point, "Frost Bat" iconFrost Bat, "Ice Nova" iconIce Nova, and "Cold Snap" iconCold Snap spells. Players can also obtain recipes for "Pristine Leather" iconPristine Leather and "Shroud of the Forest" iconShroud of the Forest. Ben does not engage in combat but instead runs away, using defensive moves such as a knockback staff swing and releasing wisps that entangle and immobilize players.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. World Map (Vardoran) 1.0 Update

X: 8808 Y: 4958

"Ben the Old Wanderer" iconBen the Old Wanderer roams the entirety of the Cursed Forest.

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