Full Synchronisation Requirement - Perform each hookblade move successfully at least once.

Follow Yusuf up the wall and across the rooftops. When you reach the large gap across the street, the tooltip will explain the basics of using the hookblade. Hold the push/drop button when in the air, and Ezio will extend the hookblade to grip a ledge or stop his descent. It also increases the distance he can cover with vertical climbing. Keep your eyes open for three Animus Data Fragments easily obtainable along the route. When you reach the section with the hanging lamps, Yusuf will explain and demonstrate the hookblade long jump. Again, hit the push/drop button when leaping towards the lamp to grap it and have it propel you forwards rather than around the corner. Mastering this move is important to some of the tougher platforming sections later in the game!

When you get back to street level, sprint after Yusuf as he leads you back to the Assassins, who are practicing their hookblade moves in the street. Next on the list of moves to learn is the ‘Hook and run’, where by using the hookblade Ezio can bypass an enemy and keep moving quickly. When directed, run at the Assassin you’re partnered with and press and hold the same button as before to roll over them and keep moving. Do this three times to end this part of the sequence and hopefully get 100% Synchronisation if you managed to keep up with Yusuf earlier!

If you're having trouble…

If you’re having trouble pulling off the ‘Hook and run’, it might be because you’re inadvertedly doing a different move. If you press the drop/grab button instead of holding it, you’ll throw the enemy using the hookblade instead of rolling over them.


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After the events in the Colosseum Vault at the end of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Desmond Miles falls into a coma and finds himself in the Animus’ Black Room. There he must search Ezio Auditore’s memories once again to uncover the secrets needed to protect the things he loves. Join us as we dive into the 16th century and seek out the knowledge of the legendary Assassin Mentor Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad.

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