Full Synchronisation Requirement - Complete the level within 6 minutes

Head down the spiral staircase and jump onto the hanging platform. Enter one of the most exciting set pieces in the game! After the cutscene, climb straight up the beam to the top of the hanging wooden structure. When it falls away beneath you, shimmy around to the right to the back side of the remaining collapsed scaffolding. Climb up and then do a back eject jump to leap away from it. Move along the arch to the right and jump to the stable platform when you can. Use the zipline, then drop down and head into the cave.

When you get to the larger of the caverns, climb up on the small cart to get to the higher areas of the room. Jump towards the hanging lantern and do the long jump hookblade move to speed things up a little. Keep moving forward across the beams until you reach a zipline, and head down it. Go to the corner and jump to the waterwheel-like structure. Keep going until you reach the middle, leap away to catch onto a ledge, pull yourself up, then leap straight across to the small ledge on the wall. Climb up then shimmy along until you reach the beam. Jump and swing forward to reach the larger platform, then climb up the next wall using the hookblade to extend your reach.

Use the crate to get up the next wall, the take the zipline again. From there, it’s a straight line forward, so keep moving forwards along the swinging poles and beams. Take the zipline dramatically through the waterfall, and when you reach solid group, go straight up the wall in front of you using the hookblade jump for a little extra reach. Take a right and keep climbing higher and higher, then jump to the scaffolding.

After the cutscene, climb up and use the zipline to keep going forward. Dive off the ledge into the water when you can. Climb out and head down the walkway to your right. The path will cut back to the left, across a ruined bridge. Climb the next wall and head to the right, then go around the corner using the network of beams and swinging poles.

Leap to reach the nearby scaffold. Climb around to the front side and climb up, then run up the wall. This will lead you to a stone wall, keep shimmying along to the left when you can and climb up. Two ziplines are next, with a few jump and swings between them. After the second zipline Ezio will barely managed to catch onto the collapsing scaffolding. Climb up quickly, using the hookblade when you can. When you pull yourself up, and head into the corridor ahead of you. Quickly loot the three treasure chests if you want, but if you think you’re pushed for time for meeting the full synchronisation requirement then it might be best to skip them. Use Eagle Sense to identify the right passage through the wall and interact with it to open it. Run to the statue like in the Yerebatan Cistern and interact with it to get your hands on the second Masyaf Key.


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After the events in the Colosseum Vault at the end of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Desmond Miles falls into a coma and finds himself in the Animus’ Black Room. There he must search Ezio Auditore’s memories once again to uncover the secrets needed to protect the things he loves. Join us as we dive into the 16th century and seek out the knowledge of the legendary Assassin Mentor Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad.

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