Full Synchronisation Objective - Poison all of your targets while blended with the Romanies.

After agreeing with Yusuf to go and liaise with the Romany Gypsies that inhabit the western districts of Constantinople, you will be tasked with retrieving a stolen chest of money and getting revenge on the greedy Byzantine Templars. Meet up with the group of Romanies that the marker points you towards and hire them as you would a group of thieves or mercenaries. Follow them, blended in the group, to the objective and use your ranged poison to take out the Templar carrying the chest when instructed to do so. Be careful to not hit one of the Romanies, don’t be afraid to reposition a little, just make sure to stay blended in the group if you want full synchronisation. After the first Templar’s death, the group of Romanies will follow you instead, making lining up shots a little easier. If you’re having trouble or don’t want to use the more expensive ranged poison, slowly approaching the chest-carrying Templar and using the hidden blade poison works equally as good, the Romanies should follow you provided you move slowly and thus your cover will be preserved.

Tail the Templars and take out the next one, doing the same again afterwards. When they’ve abandoned the chest and ran away, pick it up and carry it back to the camp following the objective markers while conversing with the Romany leader. Feel free to have a laugh at the terrified Templar guards running from the chest on the way back too!

Take your time and aim your shots carefully to avoid hitting your allies!


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