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Moonmote Class Actions

Category iconDescription

"Moonmote" iconMoonmote is an exclusive Action available only to wielders of "Selûne's Spear of Night" iconSelûne’s Spear of Night. This unique action embodies the celestial essence of the legendary weapon, allowing characters to illuminate their surroundings with moonish light. Moonmote serves both tactical and supportive purposes in both exploration and combat scenarios.

Moonmote serves as a versatile tool to manipulate the battlefield. Its radiant light can hinder foes while bolstering the effectiveness of allies. This unique action provides strategic advantages and demonstrates the mystical connection between the wielder, the legendary weapon, and the moon goddess Selûne herself.

Category iconEffects/Special Abilities

  • Illuminate the vicinity with delicate moonish light.
  • Impede movement for enemies in the illuminated area.
  • Enhance allies’ damage capabilities.


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