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Chain Shirt +2 Armour

Category iconLore

This mail’s impossibly fine, close joining indicates the work of gnomish fingers.

Category iconDescription

The "Chain Shirt +2" iconChain Shirt +2 is an extraordinary representation of Medium Armour, showcasing intricate workmanship in its impeccable mail weaving. The fine joining of the links hints at the precision and expertise of gnomish craftsmen, resulting in a superior defensive garment.

Category iconEffects/Special Abilities

  • Superior Material: You take 1 less Slashing damage.
  • Balance: Gain a +1 bonus to Dexterity Saving "Throw" iconThrows and Checks.
  • AC bonus from Dexterity limited to +2

Location / Where to Find

You can purchase this armor from various Traders from Act 2 onwards. You may have to increase your level to have this appear in a trader’s wares.


Icon for AC bonus from Dexterity limited to +2. AC bonus from Dexterity limited to +2.

Category iconProficiencies Required

"Medium Armour Proficiency" iconMedium Armour Proficiency Armour Proficiency
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