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Githyanki Half Plate Armour

Category iconLore

This armour was forged to Vlaakith’s standards under the exacting eye of a githyanki smith.

Category iconDescription

This medium armor, known as the "Githyanki Half Plate" iconGithyanki Half Plate, is a testament to the precise and meticulous craftsmanship of Githyanki smiths. Designed to adhere to the strict standards set by Vlaakith, this armor offers reliable protection for its wearers.

Category iconEffects/Special Abilities

  • Disadvantage on Stealth rolls

Location / Where to Find

  • Location: The "Githyanki Half Plate" iconGithyanki Half Plate can be acquired by defeating Githyanki enemies who wear it, such as Sarth Baretha, Githyanki Gish, Githyanki Raider, and Githyanki Raider. These enemies can be encountered at the "Mountain Pass" iconMountain Pass on "The Risen Road" iconThe Risen Road.
  • Where to Find: It is also the starting armor of "Lae'zel" iconLae’zel, a prominent character in the game, highlighting the Githyanki’s affinity for this type of armor.

Notes / Other Information

  • The "Githyanki Half Plate" iconGithyanki Half Plate is an embodiment of Githyanki culture and craftsmanship, offering players an insight into the race’s design preferences and standards.
  • Despite its functional design, the armor’s Disadvantage on Stealth rolls showcases its potential drawbacks.
  • This armor’s presence on certain Githyanki enemies and as the starting equipment of "Lae'zel" iconLae’zel suggests its significant role in the Githyanki culture and their military activities.

Category iconProficiencies Required

"Medium Armour Proficiency" iconMedium Armour Proficiency Armour Proficiency

Starting Equipment Class/NPC

"Lae'zel" iconLae'zel Companions (Origin)
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