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Graceful Cloth Clothing

Category iconLore

A garment worn by one of three monks who fought together against Headless Serpent, Secret Venom, a gang in the port city of Nyanzaru. This was worn by Roahton Mobar, whose stances were broad and strong.

Category iconDescription

The "Graceful Cloth" iconGraceful Cloth serves as an emblem of the monks’ unity and determination in the face of adversity. Worn by Roahton Mobar, whose powerful stances reflected his unwavering resolve, this clothing piece carries the weight of both historical significance and enhanced dexterity.

Category iconEffects/Special Abilities

Special Effects (Version - Esther):

  • Cat’s Grace: The wearer gains the effects of the "Enhance Ability" iconEnhance Ability spell, specifically Cat’s Grace, resulting in a Dexterity increase by 2 (up to a maximum of 20).
  • Nimble As a Cat: The wearer benefits from a +1 bonus to Dexterity Saving "Throw" iconThrows and an additional 1.5 meters to their Jump distance.

Special Effects (Version - Araj Oblodra):

  • Martial Arts Lethality: The wearer enjoys a +1 bonus to Unarmed Attack Rolls and the damage of throwing attacks.
  • Armour Class +1: The wearer’s Armour Class is increased by 1.

Location / Where to Find

  • Merchant: Lady Esther (Rosymorn Monastery Trail, Act Two)
  • Merchant: Araj Oblodra (Moonrise Towers)

Notes / Other Information

  • The "Graceful Cloth" iconGraceful Cloth derives its historical significance from its association with Roahton Mobar and his fellow monks who banded together to confront the treacherous Headless Serpent, Secret Venom gang.
  • Two versions of the "Graceful Cloth" iconGraceful Cloth exist, each offered by different merchants and providing distinct effects tailored to the wearer’s combat prowess and agility.
  • The Cat’s Grace effect grants the wearer the same advantages as the "Enhance Ability" iconEnhance Ability spell, enhancing Dexterity-based checks and mitigating fall damage.
  • The choice between the two versions of the "Graceful Cloth" iconGraceful Cloth permits adventurers to tailor their clothing to match their preferred combat approach.
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