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Devilfoil Mask Helmet

Category iconLore

A placid smile and cherubic cheecks. Who knows what face once lay beneath.

Category iconDescription

Beneath a layer of dust, the "Devilfoil Mask" iconDevilfoil Mask retains its gleam, showcasing an innocent smile and wide, searching eyes that seem to seek out companions of its kind.

Category iconEffects/Special Abilities

Infernal Legion: Wearing this item grants the wearer the “Infernal Legion” condition. This effect is influenced by nearby "Devilfoil Mask" iconDevilfoil Masks worn by other creatures within a 20-meter radius. It increases the wearer’s Strength by 1 while decreasing Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma by 1 for each nearby mask. The maximum bonus/penalty is +3/-3.

Location / Where to Find

  • Location: Can be found in "Grymforge" iconGrymforge.
    • One mask can be located on a table within the main hall (X: -620, Y: 325).
    • Another is situated on an altar in the same room as a Merregon Legionnaire.
    • One is equipped by a Merregon Legionnaire.
    • Additional masks are scattered near a skeleton behind a cave-in (X: -665, Y: 460).
  • Drop by: Merregon Legionnaires (loot from X: -575, Y: 380)

Notes / Other Information

  • Upon initial pick-up, a character may attempt an Arcana Skill Check at a DC of 10 to identify the mask’s connection to Merregons and its magical properties.
  • The “Infernal Legion” effect does not stack with the effects of an Elixir of Hill Giant Strength; the higher Strength bonus takes precedence.
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