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Riverside Teahouse Over-world

Also Known As

Gnarled Teahouse

Category iconDescription

The "Riverside Teahouse" iconRiverside Teahouse, found in Act One of Baldur’s Gate 3, is situated within the "Sunlit Wetlands" iconSunlit Wetlands. It serves as the residence of Auntie Ethel.

Notable NPCs

  • Auntie Ethel
  • Mayrina

Notes / Other Information

  • After dispelling the illusion, the location name changes to “Gnarled Teahouse,” accompanied by a shift in music.

Area Information:

Breaking the Illusion:
The true nature of the location can be revealed through:

  • Seeing through the illusion within the Sunlit Wetlands.
  • Inducing Auntie Ethel’s transformation into her hag form through various means, such as attacking her or accepting her deal to remove the parasite.

Illusionary Wall:

  • The fireplace backing within the Riverside Teahouse is an illusion. Upon approaching, Perception checks prompt to notice it. Passing through the illusory wall leads to the hag’s lair, the "Overgrown Tunnel" iconOvergrown Tunnel, and triggers hostility from Auntie Ethel.

  • Visit The Hag Walkthrough to learn more about the area and encounters here.


Upon unveiling the illusion, the location shifts from "Riverside Teahouse" iconRiverside Teahouse to "Gnarled Teahouse" iconGnarled Teahouse, accompanied by a change in music.


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