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Shattered Sanctum Over-world

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The "Shattered Sanctum" iconShattered Sanctum, alternatively known as The Temple of Selûne, is a Location in Act One. It constitutes the inner area of the "Goblin Camp" iconGoblin Camp, connecting to the "Defiled Temple" iconDefiled Temple and "Worg Pens" iconWorg Pens.

Notable NPCs

  • Abdirak
  • Dror Ragzlin
  • Gribbo
  • Liam
  • Minthara
  • Priestess Gut
  • Roah Moonglow (Merchant)
  • Spike
  • Trinzas
  • Volo

Notes / Other Information

  • Visit the [Save the Refugees Walkthrough](Save the Refugees Walkthrough) to learn more about the Quest.
  • Visit the Save Volo page to learn how to rescue the Bard.
  • Visit the Goblin Camp page to learn all of the ways you can successfully navigate the area and encounters within.


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