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Greataxe +1 Greataxe

Category iconLore

A small prayer decorates the hilt of this axe. It resonates in your head when you touch it.

Category iconDescription

The "Greataxe +1" iconGreataxe +1 is an uncommon, mildly enchanted (+1) iteration belonging to the "Greataxe" iconGreataxes weapon family. This martial melee weapon necessitates two-handed wielding. A modest prayer adorns the axe’s hilt, emitting a resonant echo in your mind upon touch.

Location / Where to Find

This weapon is obtainable from the following trader:

It can also be discovered:

  • Placed on a rack within the concealed chamber beneath the Risen Road Toll House. Activation involves sitting on both thrones simultaneously.

Weapon Skills

Proficiency: If proficient, equipping in the main hand provides access to the following actions:

  • "Cleave" iconCleave (Weapon Action): Execute a broad arcing swing to assail up to 3 foes simultaneously, each sustaining half the usual weapon damage.
  • "Lacerate" iconLacerate (Weapon Action): Slash at vital points, inducing bleeding on the target. Undead and Constructs are immune to Bleeding.
  • "Prepare" iconPrepare (Weapon Action): Expending 6 m / 20 ft of movement, infuse each successful weapon attack for the turn with additional Physical damage equal to [Strength Modifier], with a minimum of 1.

Category iconProficiencies Required

"Cleave" iconCleave Weapon Actions
"Lacerate" iconLacerate Weapon Actions
"Prepare" iconPrepare Weapon Actions


"Cleave" iconCleave Weapon Actions
"Lacerate" iconLacerate Weapon Actions

Equipment Features

"Prepare" iconPrepare Weapon Actions

Weapon Class

Two-Handed Melee Weapon

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