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Balduran's Giantslayer Greatsword

Category iconLore

Wielded by Balduran, the founder of Baldur’s Gate and friend to his guardian dragon, a great glittering wyrm called Ansur. Fellowship can be undone, though, as easily as you or I might unlace the strings of our shoes, and it was in a time of skullduggery and hardship that Balduran killed Ansur, carrying out the deed with this sword.

Category iconDescription

"Balduran's Giantslayer" iconBalduran’s Giantslayer, a legendary greatsword, stands as a beacon of martial prowess and history. This formidable weapon is a legendary, highly enchanted (+3) variant from the "Greatsword" iconGreatswords family, intended for two-handed wielders who seek to vanquish foes with unmatched power. Wielded by Balduran himself, the esteemed founder of Baldur’s Gate, this greatsword was once inextricably linked to a guardian dragon named Ansur, a magnificent wyrm. However, the bonds of fellowship can falter, and so it was that Balduran found himself enacting a grave act of betrayal, slaying Ansur with this very sword during a time of treachery and adversity.

Location / Where to Find

A reward for overcoming the Wyrmway trials within Act Three.

  1. Begin by traveling to "Wyrm's Rock Fortress" iconWyrm’s Rock Fortress.
  2. Once inside Wyrm’s Rock Prison within the fortress, head towards the left side of the area.
  3. Locate a corner adorned with two opposing torches.
  4. Carefully turn off these torches.
  5. Activate the torches using lightning-based abilities or effects, illuminating them.
  6. The successful activation of the torches will unveil a hidden passage known as “The Wyrmway.”
  7. Enter “The Wyrmway” and engage with its intricate puzzles to eventually access the Dragon’s Sanctum.
  8. Within the sanctum, confront and defeat the formidable dragon Ansur.
  9. After triumphing over Ansur, claim the coveted "Balduran's Giantslayer" iconBalduran’s Giantslayer greatsword and the proficiency to perform “Topple the Big Folk.”

Category iconProficiencies Required

"Pommel Strike" iconPommel Strike Weapon Actions
"Lacerate" iconLacerate Weapon Actions
"Cleave" iconCleave Weapon Actions


"Pommel Strike" iconPommel Strike Weapon Actions
"Lacerate" iconLacerate Weapon Actions
"Cleave" iconCleave Weapon Actions
Topple the Big Folk Weapon Actions

Weapon Class

Melee Weapon

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