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Jabberwock Behemoth


The "Jabberwock" iconJabberwock is a "Behemoth" iconBehemoth-class enemy that is found during Missions 2-4-4 and 9-2-6. It is a strong enemy that has quick and powerful melee attacks, as well as access to "Ultima" iconUltima. Thwack is a percentile damage attack that does about half HP damage, while Gyro Tail does heavy physical damage. Be especially careful when you defeat the Jabberwock, as it will attempt Comet 2 before it perishes. Using a "Phoenix Down" iconPhoenix Down is recommended to survive that attack, if your SPR stat isn’t very high to mitigate the damage.

For a more detailed strategy for this battle, visit the Mission 9-2-6: Signs of Materia page.

Mission(s) / Location(s)

M2-4-4, M9-2-6

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"Carbon Bangle" iconCarbon Bangle ×1 Accessories
"Fat Chocobo Feather" iconFat Chocobo Feather ×1 Fusion Items


"Fat Chocobo Feather" iconFat Chocobo Feather ×2 Fusion Items


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