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Fly Eye Wildlife


"Fly Eye" iconFly Eye is the second weakest variant of the Eye enemy type (Level 14, 2218 HP) in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion. It is susceptible to all attack types including removal attacks like "Blast Wave" iconBlast Wave and "Zantetsuken" iconZantetsuken. It is interruptible and as it floats it cannot be hit with ground based attacks such as "Quake" iconQuake.

Fly Eye is found in Missions: M2-1-1 and M6-1-1. It drops an "Ether" iconEther when killed and a "Potion" iconPotion can be stolen from it. A rare steal from the Fly Eye is an ★ Ether.

Mission(s) / Location(s)

M2-1-1, M6-1-1

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"Ether" iconEther ×1 Consumables


"Potion" iconPotion ×1 Consumables
"Ether" iconEther ×1 Consumables
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