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Tonberry King Wildlife


The "Tonberry King" iconTonberry King is a tougher variant of the "Tonberry" iconTonberry series of enemies. As such, they feature a massive HP pool of 827,800. As with all Tonberries, you’ll want to prevent standing in front of them for too long or else Kitchen Knife will spring a nasty surprise. Be careful of the Tonberry King’s special ability which will drop a random item on Zack’s head which has the potential to deal massive damage to him.

The Tonberry King is susceptible to "Graviga" iconGraviga and should be used alongside "Costly Punch" iconCostly Punch to finish it off. The Tonberry King is useful for farming Gil as you will obtain 10,000 Gil for every one you defeat.

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"HP Stone" iconHP Stone ×1 Fusion Items
"Power Stone" iconPower Stone ×1 Fusion Items


"Good-Luck Charm" iconGood-Luck Charm ×2 Accessories


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