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Shinra Beta Accessories


VIT +60.

How to Acquire

Method to Obtain Cost/Location
Buy 8000 / "Gongaga Trading" iconGongaga Trading
Sell 4000
Complete -
Treasure Chest Shinra Manor - 1st Floor, M7-3-5
Drop "Red Scorpion" iconRed Scorpion, "Tarantula" iconTarantula, "Guardian Eyes" iconGuardian Eyes, "Black Widow" iconBlack Widow
Steal "Guard Scorpion" iconGuard Scorpion, "Red Scorpion" iconRed Scorpion
Other -

★ = Rare

Drops From

"Black Widow" iconBlack Widow Guard Spider
"Guardian Eyes" iconGuardian Eyes Guard Spider
"Tarantula" iconTarantula Guard Spider

Steal From

"Guard Scorpion" iconGuard Scorpion Guard Spider
"Guard Spider" iconGuard Spider Guard Spider
"Red Scorpion" iconRed Scorpion Guard Spider
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