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Genji Equipment

Collected all Genji equipment.

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Game: Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion
Rarity: 23.10% (Uncommon)
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If you’re only following the story, it’s highly likely that you’ll never come into contact with the fantastic Genji Equipment but delve into the many optional Missions that Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII: Reunion offers and you’ll need to seek out these fabled pieces of equipment if you wish to take on the toughest challenges.

There are four pieces of Genji Equipment to track down, each with varying degrees of difficulty.

Where to Get the Genji Helm

Icon Name Description
genji.png Genji Helm MP & AP Cost Zero, adds Libra effect

The Genji Helm is a great one to go for as it will allow all of your Materia, be it Magic or Command, cost zero. Having Libra always active is the cherry on top for this fantastic Accessory.

In terms of finding this Accessory, the Genji Helm is the easiest, all it requires is Gil. You will need to unlock the Online Shop Shade, which can be done by completing Mission 9-5-4 which features some of the tougher monsters in the game. With that in mind, you won’t be reaching this until you need it anyway.

Once you unlock the Shop, you can purchase it for 1,000,000 Gil, this may seem a lot but you can get a lot of that Gil by selling a lot of the Golden Rolling Pins and multiple copies of Accessories that you earn while unlocking the way to the mission in the first place.

Where to Get the Genji Glove

Icon Name Description
genji.png Genji Glove Breaks the damage limit and grants the Critical status

The Genji Glove is a powerful one, as it can replace your Brutal as a way to break the damage limit but also grants you the Critical status (which you may have seen from Cisnei’s Limit Break).

To grab the Genji Glove, you’ll need to continue to progress through the M9 series of missions until you unlock M9-6-4, another Rank 10 Mission. From the start of the Mission, go left at the first intersection and you’ll find the Genji Glove in the chest at the end. Just remember you’ll need to clear the Mission if you want to keep it after.

Where to Get the Genji Armor

Icon Name Description
genji.png Genji Armor Breaks the HP limit and grants the Endure and !Regen buffs

This is another useful Accessory as not only will you break the HP limit, but also gain Endure and !Regen. Endure will make it so you no longer get knocked back when getting hit and !Regen will offer constant HP regeneration.

This is one of the trickiest pieces of equipment to gain in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII: Reunion as you’ll need to 100% every image of the DMW. This means tracking down all the summons and then seeing all of their memories. You won’t get the final DMW Image until Chapter 8 which is Phoenix (and is missable), but you’ll still need to see the majority of the story to be able to get every character’s memories. As such, you’re best served waiting until near the end of the game (Chapter 10) to go for this.

The best way to do this, unfortunately, is by following the same tactic for Leveling Materia easily.

How to Get the Genji Shield

Icon Name Description
genji.png Genji Shield Absorb and Null all elements and grant the Wall buff

The final, and by far the trickiest piece of the Genji Equipment is the Genji Shield. When equipped, this Accessory will allow you to Absorb all elements along with giving you a constant Wall (Barrier and MBarrier) buff making it a great defensive piece.

Acquiring the Genji Shield, however, is a lengthy process with multiple steps. You’ll need to first make sure you have the Magic Pot Summon and then head into Mission 7-6-6 to try and encounter another.

Like with the Summon, you’ll need to use the following Materia on it: Gil Toss, Costly Punch, deal 99,999 damage, and the Octaslash Limit Break. Below, you’ll find out how to get these Materia:

Gil Toss

This is the easiest of the bunch and you’ll most likely have a few copies of this by now if you’re hunting Genji Equipment. You can get it as a reward for completing M4-4-4, in a Chest in M7-4-6, M8-6-3, M9-5-3 or by Fusion using a mastered Mug + Libra.

Costly Punch

Using !Costly Punch is one of the most effective ways of dealing 99,999 damage in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion so if you’re hunting Genji Equipment, you’re most likely utilizing it already.

Still, if you want to get your hands on it, you can get it by fusing it easily by using any Punch Materia + a DMW Materia. You can get Goblin Punch as a reward from M4-5-4 and the Rush Assault DMW Materia as a bonus for 30% total Mission completion.

Deal 99,999 Damage

As mentioned above, if you’re braving the later missions in M9 category, you’ll most likely already be using Costly Punch to deal 99,999 damage. Ensure you are breaking both HP and Damage limits and use Costly Punch when your HP is above 20,000 to deal 99,999 damage.

Octaslash Limit Break

By far the toughest part of this whole process and one that requires you to rely on the randomness of the DMW. As you may glean from the name, you’ll need to use Sephiroth’s Limit Break, !Octaslash to complete the request. You can make the DMW work a little more in your favor prior to coming into the battle, however.

Once you reach Chapter 9, you can find the Research Dept. QMC+ Shop in a chest in Gongaga. Here, you can purchase the Lucky Stars and Octaslash Materia. Go into a battle with Lucky Stars set to hopefully get the !Lucky Stars Lv 5 Limit Break and put your status into Heavenly, this will cause Limit Breaks to happen more often. Now, go into the battle with the Magic Pot with the Octaslash Materia set, this will increase the chance that said Limit Break will be !Octaslash. Outside of this, you’re at the mercy of the DMW.

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