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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion

How to Get the Costly Punch Materia in Crisis Core Reunion

Ben Chard

Materia is one of the most important features in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion, with there being many powerful ones in the game. This page will detail how to get the Costly Punch Materia as soon as possible.

Costly Punch is the easiest way to consistently pump out max damage in Crisis Core Reunion.

For those of you who have never had the chance to play the Crisis Core but have read a lot about it, you may have come across the mention of the "Costly Punch" iconCostly Punch Materia. This is an infamous Materia as it allows you to easily break the damage limit of the game (provided you have the accessory to do it) and all it takes is a way to increase your HP beyond the base cap of 9999 and the means to obtain the Materia.

Where to Find Costly Punch in Crisis Core Reunion

The best way to get Costly Punch is by using Materia Fusion, which unlocks in Chapter 3, to fuse together specific Materia. If you know what you’re looking for, you can do this as early as the beginning of Chapter 2 (although this requires powering yourself up).

The easiest Materia Fusion combination is the following:

  • Any Punch Materia + Any DMW Materia

This means you’ll have to do enough Missions to earn the 30% Mission Completion reward which will grant you the "Rush Assault" iconRush Assault DMW Materia which is used for high-level fusion recipes (be sure not to waste this!). With that out of the way, you’ll need the first part of this fusion combo, any Punch Materia.

As you progress through the missions that you unlock in Chapter 2, you can get powerful enough to keep going and not be gated out of mission unlocks. This means you can gain access to the "Goblin Punch" iconGoblin Punch Materia in Chapter 2 if you follow these steps:

  • Access the first Save Point in Chapter 2

  • Complete Missions 4-1-1 - 4-1-6 to unlock sub-category M4-2

  • Complete Missions 4-2-1 - 4-2-6 to unlock sub-category M4-4 (along with the "Wutai Secret Shop" iconWutai Secret Shop)

  • Complete Missions 4-4-1 - 4-4-6 to unlock sub-category M4-5

  • Complete Missions 4-5-1 - 4-5-4 to get the Goblin Punch as a reward from 4-5-4

Mission M-5-4 is a Rank 8 Mission, so you’ll need to sufficiently power yourself up as you go through the missions to reach it. You’ll need to do most of the missions available anyway to reach that 30% completion reward regardless so you should find your power levels increase rapidly during this process.

With both of the Materias in your possession, fuse them together (and consider adding +HP% via "Fat Chocobo Feather" iconFat Chocobo Feathers during the fusion process) and you’ll get your hands on the Costly Punch Materia!

Fuse a !Goblin Punch with a DMW Materia like !Rush Assault to get your !Costly Punch.

How to Get the Overpowered Trophy/Achievement with Costly Punch

Trophy/Achievement Icon


Dealt 99,999 damage to an enemy.

Trophy icon

With Costly Punch now available to you, you have an easy method of getting the Overpowered Trophy/Achievement by dealing the max amount of damage with a single hit. The way that Costly Punch’s damage works is by basing it off your max HP, so in order to hit the 99,999 cap, you’ll need to do some preparations first.

Get the Brutal and Adaman Bangle Accessories

You’ll want your HP to be at least 20,000 to make the most out of Costly Punch, that means you’ll need to break the HP limit first with the "Adaman Bangle" iconAdaman Bangle. You can get one of these as a reward from completing Mission 7-3-6 which will require you to get to the start of Chapter 4 to unlock Mission 7-2-1.

You’ll also need to make sure you’re breaking the damage limit, and you can do that with the "Brutal" iconBrutal Accessory gained from Mission 7-4-6 (essentially completing the next sub-category of missions after getting the Adaman Bangle).

With both Accessories equipped, raise your HP to 20,000+ using Fat "Chocobo Feather" iconChocobo Feathers to add +HP% to your various Materias and equipping Accessories such as the Titanium or "Carbon Bangle" iconCarbon Bangles. Once you have all of this, go into battle and use Costly Punch, it should hit the damage cap of 99,999 and award you the Trophy/Achievement.

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