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How to Get the Magic Pot Summon in Crisis Core Reunion

Ben Chard

In Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion, the DMW plays a large role in combat. When the reels stop on the same image three times, you’ll get a limit break or summon. This page will tell you how to get the "Magic Pot" iconMagic Pot Summon.

You must use the correct materia against "Magic Pot" iconMagic Pot to acquire it for your DMW.

Icon Image Description
MagicPot.png "Magic Pot" iconMagic Pot Obtain certain materia or items.

You can obtain "Magic Pot" iconMagic Pot as early as Chapter 2, so long as you know what you’re doing and track down the correct Materia beforehand. The reason for this is because "Magic Pot" iconMagic Pot will ask for certain Materia to be used on it and you must do this, in the correct order, to secure it as a DMW Image.

Where to Find and Obtain the Magic Pot DMW

Before you can get the ball rolling, you’ll need to actually unlock the mission that contains "Magic Pot" iconMagic Pot in the first place. This can all be done on Chapter 2 as soon as you get access to the first Save Point in the Briefing Room. You will need to ultimately unlock Mission 10-2-3: "Master Tonberry" iconMaster Tonberry, and you can reach this unlock with the following steps:

  • Access the Mission Menu at the first Save Point in Chapter 2
  • Complete Missions 6-1-1 - 6-1-4
  • In Mission 6-1-5, defeat the "Tonberry" iconTonberry (go east at the intersection) to unlock Mission 10-2-1
  • Complete Missions 10-2-1 and 10-2-2

Mission 10-2-3 is the first opportunity you have to encounter "Magic Pot" iconMagic Pot.

With Access to Mission 10-2-3, you’ll now be able to find the "Magic Pot" iconMagic Pot as a random encounter. Once you encounter it, you’ll need to hit it with "Jump" iconJump, "Fira" iconFira, "Gravity" iconGravity, and "Assault Twister" iconAssault Twister. Do this in the correct order and the "Magic Pot" iconMagic Pot Image will be added to the DMW.

Where to get the Materia Needed for Magic Pot

So now that you know where to find the "Magic Pot" iconMagic Pot, you need to ensure you have the Materia you’ll need to satisfy it. Below, you’ll find a list of where each Materia can be found:

Jump Materia

Complete Mission 6-1-3: Scavenger Hunt to get this Materia as a reward. You’ll need to complete Missions 6-1-1 and 6-1-2 first (which unlock at the start of Chapter 2). The mission itself shouldn’t pose too many problems, especially if you’ve been doing a lot of the side content already. Using "Blizzard Blade" iconBlizzard Blade will make short work of the "Raijincho" iconRaijincho.

Fira Materia

You won’t be able to purchase "Fira" iconFira until you unlock "The Happy Turtle" iconThe Happy Turtle Shop. You can, however, find "Fira" iconFira in a chest in both Mission 6-1-5 and Mission 6-2-4, both of which you can unlock during Chapter 2.

Gravity Materia

Perhaps the most difficult one to find but if you’re still on Chapter 2, you’re in luck. Visit the Materia Room in the Shinra Building and follow the process here to get the Master Mako Stone Miner Trophy/Achievement and you’ll get the "Gravity" iconGravity Materia as one of the rewards.

Assault Twister Materia

This is the easiest Materia out of the bunch, Zack has "Assault Twister" iconAssault Twister assigned to him at the start of Chapter 1.

Satisfy "Magic Pot" iconMagic Pot and you will obtain it as a DMW Summon.

Magic Pot Limit Break - Item Mugger Loot

The "Item Mugger" iconItem Mugger Limit Break is a unique one and can provide you with some extremely rare items if you’re lucky enough to have it cast a higher level of the Limit Break. The table below will show you what you can obtain for each level:

Limit Level Possible Loot
1 "Curaga" iconCuraga, "Drain" iconDrain, "Graviga" iconGraviga, "Libra" iconLibra
2 "Iron Bangle" iconIron Bangle, "Titanium Bangle" iconTitanium Bangle, "Carbon Bangle" iconCarbon Bangle, "Platinum Bangle" iconPlatinum Bangle
3 "Kaiser Knuckles" iconKaiser Knuckles, "Shinra Beta+" iconShinra Beta+, "Royal Crown" iconRoyal Crown, "Crystal Orb" iconCrystal Orb
4 "Elixir" iconElixir (5), "Elixir" iconElixir (10), "Phoenix Down" iconPhoenix Down, "Phoenix Down" iconPhoenix Down (3)
5 "Ribbon" iconRibbon, Gold Bar, Gold Bar (3), Gold Bar (5)


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