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Chief Marauder Bosses

In-Game Description

"Chief Marauder" iconChief Marauder is an oversized human cannibal who wields a giant axe who likes to swing it wildly at its victims.


The "Chief Marauder" iconChief Marauder acts similarly to its kin where it will swing its axe wildly with large sweeping attacks. These can deal substantial damage especially if you face-tank it without some form of barrier or fortify. Along with its melee attacks, it has a few abilities up its sleeve.

  • Slash - "Chief Marauder" iconChief Marauder will step forward while slashing. Not much to say about this attack, you can just take the hit if you want as it’s not worth

  • Spinning Slash - "Chief Marauder" iconChief Marauder will perform a spin before attacking. This isn’t like the Barbarian’s Whirlwind, but more of a singular spinning attack. Either dodge away from it, or eat the attack as it won’t deal too much damage.

  • Overhead Slam - "Chief Marauder" iconChief Marauder will lift the axe above its head for a second before crashing it down onto the ground unleashing numerous projectiles on either side of the axe. This is arguably the most damaging attack it has, but it’s relatively easy to avoid. Dodge through the boss just as the axe is about to slam down. If you do it too early, it can change directions even though the axe is raised.

The boss can be easy or difficult depending on various factors such as your class, and/or level. Barbs and Druids can eat most of the hits while only dodging the Overhead Slam. Rogues can use their speed to move in and out of attacks while having Dark Shroud up, and Sorcs can either make use of their barriers or kite it around while launching nukes at its face. If you choose the tank and spank strategy, you’ll only have to deal with its melee attacks and Overhead Slam.

Found In

"Earthen Wound" iconEarthen Wound Hawezar Dungeon

Detailed Location

"Chief Marauder" iconChief Marauder is the final boss of the "Earthen Wound" iconEarthen Wound dungeon.



Icon for <span>Hawezar</span> Hawezar

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 8854 Y: 16766
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