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Mother's Judgment Bosses

In-Game Description

"Mother's Judgment" iconMother’s Judgment is the highest tier of the Cultists, and can be found inside "Yshari Sanctum" iconYshari Sanctum where they practice their villainous deeds.


The "Mother's Judgment" iconMother’s Judgment boss is relatively easy regardless of what class you are playing as. For the most part, you can spend the entire fight in melee range, but be careful of the small and large red circles she places on the ground. The small red circles will appear in a line and explode consecutively.

The larger red circles will be placed around the room where you’ll need to move out of them, but after they explode, they will send out multiple red projectiles. Finally, "Mother's Judgment" iconMother’s Judgment occasionally uses a short teleport before firing a few projectiles your way.

Found In

"Dark Ravine" iconDark Ravine Dry Steppes Dungeon
"Faceless Shrine" iconFaceless Shrine Hawezar Dungeon
"Steadfast Barracks" iconSteadfast Barracks Hawezar Dungeon
"Yshari Sanctum" iconYshari Sanctum Kehjistan Dungeon

Detailed Location


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 4262 Y: 13760

"Mother's Judgment" iconMother’s Judgment is the final boss in the "Yshari Sanctum" iconYshari Sanctum dungeon.

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