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Grigoire, The Galvanic Saint Uber

In-Game Description

Grigoire is an Uber boss who was introduced in the season of the malignant. He is an opposing figure clad in heavy armor and wields a mace while also having a penchant for lightning, hence his name. Due to his heavy armor restricting his movement, he focuses on attacking you with his mace from a stationary position while conjuring up fierce lightning-based attacks.


Grigoire doesn’t have too many attacks and he’ll spend most of the time punishing you with mace attacks that fire off Charged Bolts on every swing. When he’s not hitting you in the face with his mace, he’ll summon pillars that will arc lightning between them which will restrict your movement, and deal damage should you touch them. Like most bosses in Diablo IV, Grigoire has adds that serve as nothing more than a way to summon corpses as a Necromancer, or bolster your potion supply. One of the more difficult attacks to avoid is his Lightning Lance which comes down at you quickly with little warning, so always be prepared to move at a moment’s notice. A good defense is imperative against Grigoire due to his hard-hitting attacks, and a maxed-out lightning resistance wouldn’t go amiss. In short, here are Grigoire’s attacks:

  • Lighting Mace Smash - Negate the damage through the various defensive options in the game such as Barrier, Unstoppable, Fortify, Blood Mist, and Lightning Resistance Elixirs.
  • Arc-Lightning - Stay in the square nearest to Grigoire while negating the damage through the defensive options mentioned above. This allows you to attack him while avoiding the lightning.
  • Lightning Lance - These are difficult to anticipate and may require you to fight him a couple of times to get the timing down. When you get the timing right, a simple dodge will avoid the attack.

For a more detailed boss strategy, head over to our In-Depth Grigoire Boss Guide.

Detailed Location

  • Hall of the Penitent

Grigoire will have to be summoned at the altar in the Hall of Penitent dungeon found along the eastern edge of the Dindai Flats region in the Dry Steppes. Unfortunately, to use the altar, you’ll need to get Living Steel which can be acquired through Helltide Events. and defeating the demon who goes by the obnoxious name of “He-Grins-Wide-And-Waits”. Defeating him will reward you with a Tortured Gift of Living Steel chest which requires 300 "Aberrant Cinder" iconAberrant Cinders to open. Summoning him in World Tier III will cost you two Living Steels while World Tier IV requires 5.



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