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The Beast in the Ice Uber

In-Game Description

"The Beast in the Ice" iconThe Beast in the Ice is a large winged beast who wields a large sword encased in ice. Although it has similarities to a Gargoyle, it doesn’t have a hard body of stone which gives it more flexibility when fighting its prey. Not only does the Beast have formidable strength, but it’s known to conjure storms of bitter cold which can trap their foes in prisons of ice.


Before you start the battle, make sure you adjust your resistances to protect you from cold, and bring along some Cold Resistance Elixirs while you’re at it. The Beast has a plethora of attacks compared to other bosses which makes the battle a lot more difficult, so damage mitigation and immunity skills are a must.

At the beginning of the battle, the Beast will predominantly use its melee attacks where it’ll swing at you with its weapon. Note that this will unleash numerous shards of ice with every swing and they will ricochet around the arena. During this “phase” of the battle, you’ll want to stick close to it and dodge as the swing approaches you. While you fight him, it’ll periodically breathe a stream of cold in your direction. Simply, dodge the attack, get behind it, and unleash your most potent abilities while it’s stuck in animation.

One of its stronger attacks is its slam attack. The Beast will slam its weapon into the ground creating numerous area-of-effect markers that will deal significant damage to you should you be in them. Reposition out of the markers to negate the damage from them. Now, at first, this should be easy to avoid, but after a while, it’ll leap into the air, and violently crash down upon the arena. This is easy enough to dodge, but as it lands, it’ll unleash numerous shards of ice that ricochet around the arena which makes this whole sequence of attacks incredibly difficult to avoid. Instead, use your damage mitigation tools to absorb/negate the majority of the damage, and heal up any damage that gets through.

At approximately around the first arrow of its health, the Beast will unleash a bone-chilling Ice Storm around the arena which will deal damage if you touch it, but its main purpose is to restrict your space. During this attack, the Beast will periodically send forth waves of frost across the arena that you will need to avoid as these can push you into the storm. Furthermore, you won’t be able to target it, and it’ll summon some Overseers adds to the battle, but these shouldn’t cause you too many problems as they go down quickly.

When the Ice Storm dissipates, “phase 2” will begin. For the most part, this will be the same as the other mechanics other than it’ll summon Elite enemies instead of Overseers when it uses Ice Storm, but more importantly, the Beast will use a new attack where it’ll plunge its weapon into the ground. This will telegraph numerous circular markers across the arena which will unleash waves of frost outward from them. If you get hit by them, the odds are you’ll get Frozen.

Finally, when the Beast is low on health, its Ice Storm will become perpetual while waves of frost will fly across the arena. During the final phase, the weapon plunge attack introduced in the previous phase will gain another mechanic. This will add an extra wave of frost out of the markers, but the waves will cover more area meaning you’ll have more to dodge.

Detailed Location

  • Hall of Penitent

"The Beast in the Ice" iconThe Beast in the Ice can be found in the Hall of Penitent. You can summon him by activating a Glacial Fissure Nightmare Sigil which can be obtained by crafting it at the Occultist for nine Distilled Fears. This will create the Nightmare Dungeon “Glacial Fissure” which is where you’ll find the boss. Distilled Fears are acquired by completing tier 30+ Nightmare Dungeons on World Tier IV.


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