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Lord Zir Uber

In-Game Description

Lord Zir is an ancient vampire that dates back to the Firstborn who are also known as the “Ancients”. The Firstborn were the first generation of Nephalem who were created when renegade demons and angels procreated creating beautiful abominations. Zir was imprisoned in the City of the Ancients when he and his kin reacted negatively to having their power stolen when "Inarius" iconInarius tampered with the Worldstone. While imprisoned, Zir has been biding his time and feasting on blood while waiting to enact his revenge on Sanctuary.


The difference between the two versions of Lord Zir isn’t much other than the inflated stats. Because most, if not all of his attacks are blood skills, he doesn’t use any specific element. For this reason, we suggest bringing elixirs that boost your maximum health. Zir doesn’t have too many attacks, but the attacks that he does have can deal significant damage. Still, the lack of attacks makes it easier to remember how to avoid them when you’re fighting him.

Lord Zir has several attacks to watch out for which are:

  • Melee Attack/Swipe: This is your traditional swipe attack in a cone in front of him. Simply dodge behind him to avoid the attack and set up a counterattack of your own.
  • Blood Blades: Zir will lean back briefly before transforming his arms into blades of blood. This attack will cover in front of him, so dodge toward him to avoid the attack, or get some distance.
  • Orb of Blood: A large orb of blood will slowly make its way around the arena which will spawn minions as well as blasts underneath it. Stay out of the orb’s path while defeating the minions as they go to attack you.
  • Blood Puddles: Flapping his wings in tandem, Zir will unleash large droplets of blood over the arena. When they hit the ground, they’ll create puddles of blood that will slowly join up with each other to create bigger puddles. If you touch the puddle, you’ll get the Vulnerability debuff. Not only do you want to avoid the puddles, but you’ll want to avoid any attack that touches them as it will give the attack a second property, blood projectiles. These will fire outwards of the puddle after an attack goes through them, although this will make the puddle dissipate. Keep your distance from the puddles, and be ready to dodge if one of Zir’s attacks passes through a puddle.
  • Retreating Blast: Zir will get some distance from you and charge up his wings before unleashing a devastating blast of air that covers a wide area which can knock you back if it hits you. Keep on the move while he charges, and try to position yourself where a knockback won’t push you into harm.
  • Blood Call: Summons Bloodseekers. Unlike regular adds in boss fights, these Bloodseekers are arguably the most difficult part of the fight. They have their own skill set, hit hard, and attack quickly. If that wasn’t enough, they can inflict status effects too. Whenever Zir summons one of these, take it out as soon as possible otherwise, you’ll get overwhelmed by them.

Detailed Location

You’ll fight Lord Zir as the last boss of the Season 2 storyline, but a more powerful version with more powerful loot can be summoned in World Tier IV. To summon him, you’ll need nine Exquisite Bloods which can be acquired by defeating World Bosses and/or Legion Events in World Tier IV. When you have the required blood, head to "The Darkened Way" iconThe Darkened Way dungeon in the northeast of Fractured Peaks and find the Bloodied Altar within Ancient’s Seat. Place all nine exquisite bloods into the altar and enact the Ritual of Blood.


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