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A Prayer for Salvation Season 1


  • Speak with Cormond near Zarbinzet.

  • Collect Crusader Missives near Crusader’s Monument.

  • Collect Paladin Prayer Book near Eriman’s Pyre.

  • Collect Tithe Ledger near Zakarum Belfry.

  • Speak with Cormand.

Detailed Location

This quest starts outside Orbei Monastery immediately after you finish the previous quest, "Answers in the Ashes" iconAnswers in the Ashes. In the previous quest, you found information regarding the cages in the Records Room, and these few clues you discovered pointed to Hawezar, and naturally, you’ll agree to help him Cormond it. Head to the "Zarbinzet" iconZarbinzet waypoint, and exit the town via the southeast where you’ll find a cliff to jump down from. You’ll find Cormond around the corner to the west as you land, walk over and speak to him for a short scene. This will give you three objectives that you can do in any order, but for guide purposes, we’ll start from the top.

Collect Crusader Missives near Crusader’s Monument

The Missive can be found on the table next to the statue north inside the "Crusader's Monument" iconCrusader’s Monument Stronghold in Hawezar, north of Umir Plateau. Ideally, you’ll be level 35 due to all the enemies being scaled to that level, but you can get it at an earlier level, although this may take you a few deaths.

Collect Paladin Prayer Book near Eriman’s Pyre

Once again, you’ll need to head to another stronghold, and this one is called "Eriman's Pyre" iconEriman’s Pyre which is situated in the east of Dismal Foothills. This is also scaled to level 35. Unfortunately, you’ll need to do part of the stronghold, so you can extinguish the fire to the north as that is where the Prayer Book is. As you reach the top of the stairs, turn right to find a charred chest that will contain the book. This can be done at a lower level, but you may have to die a few times to get to it.

Collect Tithe Ledger near Zakarum Belfry

This one is easy to get as it doesn’t involve a stronghold. The bad news is that you’ll need to head a fair way southeast (above the Hawezar text on the map) to find the "Belfry Zakara" iconBelfry Zakara dungeon. When you get there, the Tithe will be laying on the floor in front of the ruins to the west of the dungeon.

When you have completed all three objectives, head back to Cormond near "Zarbinzet" iconZarbinzet. After a short scene, the quest will be completed.

In-Game Description

  • Cormond confessed that he created the Malignant during his attempt to cleanse his mentor, Varshan. Cormand remains determined to find a cure somewhere in Hawezar. He can’t do it alone.

  • At Orbei we learned that the cages were made by the Zakarum somewhere in Hawezar. Cormond has asked that I search their ruins for clues to exactly where.

  • I have found several Zakarum documents that could point to the origin of the cages. Cormond will want to see them.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 6048 Y: 9038

Season 1 only.

This quest will begin immediately after completing "Answers in the Ashes" iconAnswers in the Ashes which ends outside Orbei Monastery.

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