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Maugan's Works Hawezar Dungeon

In-Game Description

A rotting hall for criminals and deserters.


  • Free the Prisoners: 6
  • Slay the Warmaster and collect the Warmaster’s Key
  • Travel to the Council of Thieves
  • Destroy the Construct
  • Defeat the "Knight Council" iconKnight Council


"Herald" iconHerald Knights
"Cleric" iconCleric Knights
Knight Errant Knights
"Clifflurker" iconClifflurker Bandits
"Dreadknight" iconDreadknight Knights
"Bloodletter" iconBloodletter Bandits
Outlaw Bandits
"The Warmaster" iconThe Warmaster Bosses
"Knight Council" iconKnight Council Bosses


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 12418 Y: 16258
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