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Eccentric's Armor Chest Armor

Damage Negation
12.9 Physical
10.9 VS Strike
12.4 VS Slash
12.9 VS Pierce
10.9 Magic
10.9 Fire
7.1 Light
9.5 Holy
35 Imm
60 Rob
23 Foc
21 Vit
15 Poi


The Eccentric’s Armor is part of the Eccentric Armor Set. It is the armor that is worn by Witch-Hunter Jerren.


Unusually colorful armor. Worn by the knight Jerren. Jerren preferred a nomadic existence, but after spending time as a guest of the Carian royals, he became a guest commander for General Radahn. And for the first time, the restless tumbleweed would be bound by honorable oath.


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