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Sorceress Sellen Merchant



Sorceress Sellen is the first Sorcery merchant you can encounter in the game. You can provide her with Scrolls to increase her inventory.


Ahh, a yen for glintstone sorceries? Well, your aptitude does appear…passable. But one must choose one’s masters wisely.
I was exiled from the Academy of Raya Lucaria, as a reviled, apostate witch. Do you still wish to learn from me?


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Notable Info

Spell Cost
Carian Slicer (Requires Royal House Scroll)Runes_Elden_Ring.png1500Runes
Crystal Barrage Runes_Elden_Ring.png1500Runes
Glintstone Arc Runes_Elden_Ring.png1500Runes
Glintstone Pebble Runes_Elden_Ring.png1500Runes
Glintblade Phalanx (Requires Royal House Scroll) Runes_Elden_Ring.png2500Runes
Glintstone Stars Runes_Elden_Ring.png3000Runes
Scholar’s Armament Runes_Elden_Ring.png3000Runes
Scholar’s Shield Runes_Elden_Ring.png2500Runes

You can learn more about how to complete Sellen’s Quest here.

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