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All Chests in Enshrouded & How to Make Them

Craig Robinson

Chests are an important part of any survival crafting game, as they will house all of your collected materials, resources and gear pieces. Enshrouded is no different, with its need to store a variety of materials for crafting various craftspeople projects. At the start of the game you’ll have little storage, but as time goes on, you will be able to create more chests and expand the availability of your storage, alongside unlocking new magical storage blocks that grant base-wide access to crafting materials from any crafter. With that said, here’s a closer look at storage chests in Enshrouded, what they do, and how to make them.

We teach you about all the different chests in Enshrouded and how to get them.

All Chest in Enshrouded

Below is a table showcasing all the chests and storage you can make in Enshrouded, alongside their crafting requirements and storage size.

Chest Capacity Materials Unlock
Huge Magic Chest 48 Huge Chest, 4 Shroud Cores, 4 Shrouded Oil Unlock by mining Iron Ore from Kindelwastes, and acquiring Enshrouded Oil, often found from smashing vases in the Sun Temples and Kindle sanctums and tower.
Huge Chest 48 8 Nails, 12 Wood Planks, 2 Iron Bars Unlocks via mining Iron Ore from Kindlewastes.
Large Magic Chest 40 Large Chest, 3 Shroud Core, 3 Alchemical Base Must Unlock Bronze Bars via Nomad Highlands.
Large Chest 40 16 Nails, 20 Wood Planks. 3 Bronze Bars Must Unlock Bronze Bars via Nomad Highlands.
Medium Magic Chest 32 Medium Chest, 2 Shroud Cores, 2 Goo Acquire the Mortar from the Alchemist quest in Revelwood, then unlock Goo recipe from the bug dust quest.
Medium Chest 32 8 Nails, 12 Wood Planks, 2 Metal Sheets Acquire Wood Planks from Revelwood loot or unlock the Table Saw via th Carpenter quest through Revelwood.
Small Magic Chest 24 Small Chest, 1 Shroud Core Unlock the Carpenter from his Ancient Vault.
Small Chest 24 6 Nails, 6 Wood Logs Unlock Nails by recruiting the Blacksmith.
Tiny Chest 16 3 String, 6 Twigs Available once you begin building a Workbench.

It is important to note that all Magical Chests in Enshrouded operate exactly the same as their non-magical tier counterparts. However, the difference is that these blue enchanted chests enable the player to go to crafters and treat all items in Magical Chests as if they were in the player’s active inventory. It means you don’t need to ferry materials to a craft person and then craft what you want. Simply store all the main crafting materials you need in a magical chest, and then you can craft whatever you need without having to double up and run around grabbing materials.

Also, if you’re in the early game of Enshrouded, we strongly advise ignoring the Tiny Chests, and instead go and get the Blacksmith straight away. This allows you to place the Blacksmith in your base, and turn your Metal Scraps into Nails, allowing you to begin crafting 24 slot storage chests in Enshrouded, rather than relying on the measly 16 from the Tiny ones. If you want to make Magical Small Chests, then you will need to wait till you unlock the Carpenter to begin that process. You can read more about how to recruit Craftspeople from their Ancient Vaults here.

And there you have it, you now know everything you need to know about Storage Chests in Enshrouded. There are other ways to get more storage, such as crafting backpacks from the Hunter Craftsperson, with every bag she makes increasing your backpack size by 8, in line with the 24, 32 and 40 slot inventory sizes as we see with the storage chests size upgrades.

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