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How to Unlock the Medium Backpack

Matt Chard

One thing that survival games often struggle with is inventory space, and Enshrouded is no different. The starting inventory screen holds a mere 24 slots, and you’ll soon find yourself throwing useful materials on the floor to make room for new materials you find while exploring. Fortunately, there is a slot for a backpack, and you’ll get one relatively early on, but that will only give you an extra eight slots. However, there is a Medium Backpack which gives an extra 16 slots. Read on to find out how you can unlock the medium backpack recipe, and what you need to craft it.

You’ll need both the Drying Rack and the Hand Spindle if you want to craft the Medium Backpack.

Medium Backpack Recipe - Enshrouded

First things first, you will need the Hunter, a drying rack, and the Hand Spindle. All of these will be given to you by completing the following quests: Hunter Becomes The Hunter (unlocks the Hunter), The Hunter’s Hand Spindle (unlocks the Hand Spindle). The Drying Rack will come with the Hunter. When you have all of that, you’ll need to progress the game until you get the recipe. For us, we got it when we entered the Nomad Highlands and picked up resources there, but other people have got it earlier, as early as when they got the first backpack, so all you can do is progress through the quests, and hopefully, you’ll get it by the time you reach the highlands.

How to Craft the Medium Backpack

Considering how much hassle it is to unlock the recipe, you’d expect it to require harder-to-acquire materials, but the cost of it is relatively low, especially considering where you’ll be by the time you get the recipe. To craft the Medium Backpack, you’ll need six Dried Fur and six Linen. The Dried Fur is done in the Drying Rack, and it’ll cost you one animal fur and three salts. You can get the former by defeating the random wildlife that cross your path (the starting area is great for this) while the latter requires you to mine it at a Salt Mine such as the Egerton Salt Mines or loot the green scavengers in the scavenger camps. You can check out our Salt Location Guide for the exact locations to find these. When you have the required materials, place them in the Drying Rack, browse recipes, and select Dried Fur. This will take a while, so start getting the Linen together while you wait.

(1 of 2) Dried Fur can be made in the Drying Rack provided you have Animal Fur, and Salt.

Dried Fur can be made in the Drying Rack provided you have Animal Fur, and Salt. (left), Linen however, is crafted with the Hand Spindle and requires two Flax. (right)

Linen is made by placing Flax into the Hand Spindle. It’ll cost two Flax for one piece of Linen, so you’ll need twelve Flax to get the job done. You can find Flax all over Revelwood, but there are a few close to the bleak village of Diadwyn which is near the beginning of the Revelwood biome, west of the Ancient Spire. Follow our Linen Location Guide for more information. When you have both of the required materials, talk to the Hunter, click on the Medium Backpack under the Essentials category, select the backpack, and craft it. Now head to the character sheet, and place the backpack in the aptly named slot “Backpack Extension”. Once you’ve done that, your bag will feel bottomless… until you reach a new biome, but that’s when the Large Backpack comes in.

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