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Springlands Ancient Spire Puzzle Guide - Enshrouded

Matt Chard

Ancient Spires are the fast travel mechanic in Enshrouded that requires you to complete a dungeon full of traps and puzzles before you can access them. In early access, there are five spires to complete. Each one is in a different part of the world, and they get harder as you progress. The general way to go about these spires is to find their location, use the portal to get inside the spire itself, then complete the door puzzles to progress, or open the chests, avoid the traps, and reach the top. When you finish the spire, the fast travel will be active, which means you can teleport to it whenever you want, so long as you’re not Enshrouded. The Spires are also a good source of loot due to the many chests in there that are normally hidden behind a puzzle. The first Ancient Spire is in the Springlands biome, and you’ll be directed there via the main story quest “The Ancient Spires”. Read on to find out how to navigate your way through the tricky spire, and where you can find all the hidden chests.

The first Ancient Spire you will go to is in the Springlands biome.

The Ancient Spires - Springlands Location

At the beginning of the game, once you’ve unlocked the Blacksmith, he’ll give you the quest “The Ancient Spires” which will introduce you to the system. The Spire can be found to the north, across the Braelyn Bridge, which should be near your first base if you place it where the main quest suggested. Either way, you’ll want to go across Braelyn Bridge, for which you’ll need a grappling hook. You should have one by now, but you don’t need it to get past the bridge as you can take the path through the Shroud, but you will need it later on, so make sure you’ve crafted it. Make your way across the bridge using the provided grappling hook points with E-Key (default), and when you reach the other side, follow the dusty trail north.

You’ll reach a blockade with some enemies, grapple up to bypass the blockade, and take out the nearby enemies. There is a note, and chest on the other side of the gate if you’re interested. With that taken care of, continue following the path north, and head up the slope when you can, as that’ll lead you to the Ancient Spire. At the top of the stairs of the Spire, you’ll find a respawn orb and a red teleport. Take the teleport by interacting with it, pressing E-Key to begin the dungeon. Note that there are no enemies here, only traps and puzzles.

(1 of 6) The first base indicated on the map is where the tutorial will suggest you build it.

Ancient Spire - Springlands Walkthrough

From the teleport, head around the corner to the southwest and you’ll find a door. Above the door is a blue glyph that needs to be activated by pressing a yellow switch for you to pass through the locked door. This is the main theme of the Spires, press the switch, and unlock the doors. If a door has more than one glyph above it, it’ll require more switches to be pressed. Fortunately, the switch for this door is to the right of it, so press the switch to open the nearby door. Open the silver chest, and head back to the teleporter.

To the northwest of the teleport is a small set of stairs. Head up and follow them around to the top, grapple across the gap, and open the door. Follow the corridor around the corner, and you’ll have another grapple point across the gap, but before going across, drop below, and open the regular chest to the east by the stairs. Go up the stairs to find another teleporter; take it to the next floor.

(1 of 5) Interact with the switch to open the locked door. The glyph above the door will tell you how many switches you need to press for it to open.

Floor 2

On this floor, there are a few ways you can go. On the bottom floor, there is a locked door requiring one switch to open it, and then you have a climbing frame opposite the teleport which leads to two different places. If you take the climbing frame to the top, it’ll lead to a switch, and a locked door with a chest. This switch is out of reach, so it’ll require you to attack it with a bow, wand, or staff. Hit the switch with a ranged attack and the nearby door will open, exposing a silver chest; loot it, and head back to where you climbed up.

Instead of going back down, face west, and jump onto the small platform, but be careful of the lava below you. This will require a running jump, so sprint and jump at the edge to make the jump. Alternatively, drop back to where the teleporter is, and use the climbing frame to reach the same platform. When you reach the small platform there will be another gap to jump, but it’s a short jump to make, so jump into the doorway to the west, follow the stairs to the next teleporter, and take it to the next floor.

(1 of 4) Jump onto the climbing frame and climb to the floor above.

Floor 3

The third floor will introduce one of the Spire’s many traps, the spiked floor trap. If you get hit by the spikes, you’ll take damage and get stunned briefly. The way to get past the trap is to wait until the spikes lower, sprint around the corner, and head to the small room with the brazier to the east. Wait for the spikes to lower again, sprint toward the door, and open it. You can jump and double jump to make this easier, but you most likely won’t have the latter yet.

(1 of 4) When the spikes lower, sprint around the corner.

Through the door, you’ll have a corridor with a door at either end to the north and south. Head through the north door first; opposite it will be another door locked by two glyphs, meaning you’ll need to find two switches. Head down the corridor to the right of the door, and you’ll find a climbing frame to your left. Use the nearby stairs to reach the frame and climb up. Run past the spike trap to find the first switch, jump across the gap to find a regular chest hidden behind the pillar, and then drop to the floor below.

(1 of 7) Go through the north door, and use the stepping stones to climb the climbing frame. At the top is a switch.

Now, go back to the corridor and head through the southern door. Around the corner is a room filled with lava that will kill you should you land on it, and three pillars protruding out of it. Use these to reach the next teleport, or climb the climbing frame to the northeast for the last switch needed to open the door holding the chest. If you decide to get the chest, hit the switch at the top of the climbing frame, drop to the platform near where you entered the room, and the locked door will be straight ahead. Open the chest and head back to the teleport. Before you use the teleport, open the regular chest on the balcony behind it. When you use the teleporter, it’ll take you to the top of the Spire, walk forward, and light the brazier to activate the fast travel and complete the quest.

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