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How to Craft the Grappling Hook

Craig Robinson

The Grappling Hook is one of the first major items that players are tasked with crafting, as it is an important part of exploring beyond the starting peninsula of the Springlands. The game really wants you to go to the Springlands Ancient Spire, and you wont be able to do that until you get your Grappling Hook. So, to get your hands on the item, you must collect a set amount of materials to make the Grappling Hook in Enshrouded.

How to Make the Grappling Hook in Enshrouded

To forge the Grappling Hook, players will need to acquire the following items:

  • 4x Metal Scraps
  • 7x String
  • 10x Shrouded Spores

First things first: to get Metal Scraps, You’re going to need to smash up some metallic props. The easiest way to do this is to go to the Longkeep, the ruin next to where the game recommends to make your first base. You can smash up some of the barrels, loot some chests, and get a few metal Scraps that way. If you want more reliable methods, then we recommend running our Metal Scrap farm.

You’ll want to glide down to Rookbrook, the small ruined village in the valley below the bridge in the non-shrouded part of the valley. Here you’ll come across several Scavenger enemies, which often drop Metal Scraps. Their tents and tables around the camp often contain Metal Scraps to pick up too. You can even blow up some of the metal-linked palisades and sometimes get Scraps, so long as the pre-placed barrels detonate and hit them.

(1 of 3) Gathering the materials and crafting the item.

Next on the list is String. Players can find String by destroying boxes, crates, and looting chests. So make sure to visit Longkeep, where you’ll find plenty of things to smash for string. If RNG is not in your favor, then you can make string by combining 3x Plant Fiber in your basic crafting menu by pressing ‘V’. Feel free to go and spam the interaction key on as many bushes as possible to get your hands on the Fiber before crafting it into String.

The last thing on the list is the Shrouded Spores. These items are commonly looted from creatures in the shrouded areas. You can find a few easy-to-kill level 1 enemies in the small pockets of fog on the field outside of Longkeep, and the small patches of fog in the Longkeep ruin itself. If you need any more Spores, then we recommend waiting till nighttime, as you’ll find more packs of the Enshrouded creatures spawning at night, so you can go hunting them down. You can also go Gliding into the Shrouded area below the bridge north of your starter base location. However, that is only safe to do so if you get the Glider first. If you do that, go in, find some enemies, then run to Longkeep and teleport back to your base using the ‘R’ key to fast travel.

How to Unlock the Advanced Grappling Hook in Enshrouded

Partway through the early mid-game, you’ll get a quest called The Alchemist’s Rumors, requiring you to explore the far and outer reaches of the Springlands and come to borders with the other biomes. Along the way through the quest route, you’ll find a camp called the Hill of Scavengers.

Fly from the top of the Springlands Spire, then follow the arrows to reach the Hill of Scavengers.

To find the location of the Hill of Scavengers, you will need to travel north, northeast from the Ancient Spire in the Grasslands. Travel along the cliffside and avoid going over the large Enshrouded pitfall, and you shall come across the camp. Level 9 Scavengers patrol the area, so be ready to defend yourself from the inhabitants. At the very top of the base, you shall find the Scavenger Gorger Matron, who you need to beat to get the Advanced Grappling Hook in Enshrouded.

(1 of 2) Defeating the boss will instantly reward you with the Improved Grappling Hook Recipe in Enshrouded.

Defeating the boss will instantly reward you with the Improved Grappling Hook Recipe in Enshrouded. (left), Watch for poison and defeat the boss. (right)

The Scavenger Gorger Matron is a boss, and has two major mechanics:

  1. Cone Shaped Poison Spray
  2. Line Shaped Poison Spray

Essentially, the boss will spray poison, which will linger on the ground for a short while, typically disappearing before the next spray line is cast. Your job is to kite the boss, using your stamina to dodge the poison waves, otherwise, you’ll take a lot of poison damage. Other than that, she doesn’t have any other mechanics. Keep dodging the attacks, kiting as you can, and use your cold damage spells because it is considered Effective damage against Gorgers. This is more of a tip rather than a required strategy.

Once the boss is down, you’ll automatically unlock the recipe for the Advanced Grappling Hook. Now it is time to make it.

How to Make the Advanced Grappling Hook

When you return to your main base, seek out the Carpenter. You’ll need to unlock the Carpenter by visiting the Ancient Vault to the southwest of the Low Meadows Spire. You should get a POI from one of the crafters to find the missing crafters if you have not yet done so.

Gather the needed materials at the Carpenter, and you’re good to make your Improved Grappling Hook.

Once the Carpenter is here, you’ll need the following items to make the Advanced Grappling Hook in Enshrouded:

  • Shroud Core x1
  • Shroud Liquid x2
  • Shroud Spores x3

For the most part, the Shroud Core can be obtained by killing the floating Shroud Mages in some of the Tier 2 and Tier 3 Flame level Enshrouded locations. The Ring of Rot POI directly to the west of the Low Meadows Spire should provide you with those enemies. Alternatively, you can convert 10x Shroud Spores and 10x Shroud Liquid into a Core at the Alchemist.

This leads nicely to the next two items, Shroud Liquid and Shroud Spores. Players can get Shroud Liquid by interacting with the large white sacs found growing in the Shroud areas. You can also get the Shroud Spores from killing most of the Bootstrap Bill Turner looking enemies in the Shrouded areas, or at night time when they go on patrol.

Once you have all the items assembled, you now need to take your Grappling Hook off your character’s equipment. From there, go to the Carpenter and forge the Improved Grappling Hook.

And there you have it, you can now grapple at longer ranges and use less stamina when doing so. That sums up everything you need to know about the Grappling Hook in Enshrouded!

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