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Dunwich Borers Dig Sites


Before the Great War, "Dunwich Borers" iconDunwich Borers LLC operated the marble quarry, prioritizing profit over safety. It’s revealed that the company’s management was seeking an ancient temple to dark, forgotten gods within the quarry.

Background / History


  • The quarry was known for its unsafe conditions, with numerous accidents and deaths. Workers were treated poorly, and safety measures were neglected.
  • The management was actually seeking access to an underground temple rather than focusing on marble quarrying.


  • After the war, the quarry was repurposed by the Forged, a group of raiders. They aimed to collect scrap metal from the site, but rumors of hauntings complicated their efforts.
  • Bedlam, a lieutenant of the Forged, was sent to investigate the disappearances of workers and address the feral ghoul threat.


  • The quarry’s entrance is guarded by raiders, including one in power armor. Inside, there are traps, terminals, and ghoul-infested areas.
  • Deeper into the quarry, there’s a ritual chamber with disturbing scenes reminiscent of Lovecraftian horror.
  • There’s also an underwater chamber where players can find unique loot, including Kremvh’s Tooth, a unique weapon.

Notable Loot

  • Players can find valuable items such as mini nukes, holotapes, and unique weapons scattered throughout the quarry.
  • Collecting resources like oil can also be beneficial.

Related Quests


  • Players may encounter bugs related to flashback scenes not triggering properly or certain enemies not respawning as intended.


  • The location draws inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft’s works, particularly “The Dunwich Horror,” adding a supernatural element to the Fallout universe.
  • The placement of the cyclopean statue’s eye mirrors themes from Lovecraft’s stories, adding to the eerie atmosphere.

Interactive Map Locations

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1. Commonwealth World Map

X: 10466 Y: 4061
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