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Fallout: New Vegas
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Nathan Garvin
First Published: 01-11-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 05-07-2020 / 20:53 GMT

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"Some folks claim not to believe in luck, but when they lose in a duel you'll hear them say, 'That lucky son-of-a-gun!'"

Doesn't the loser of a duel often die? Anyways... Luck is a great skill, especially with poor Intelligence suffering. From Luck you will get a half-point bonus to all your skills (rounded up), which tops out at +5 once you have nine Luck, making nine really the terminal score for Luck. Considering this, Luck can potentially give you the highest skill bonus of any attribute, and the fact that each point also translates to your critical hit chance makes it a very nice attribute indeed.

Luck Critical Hit Chance Skills Description
1 1% +1 13 Pitch-Black Coats
2 2% +1 Broken Gypsy Mirror
3 3% +2 Sickly Albatross
4 4% +2 Spilled Salt
5 5% +3 Coin Flip
6 6% +3 Stack Deck
7 7% +4 Lucky 7
8 8% +4 Leprechaun's Coat
9 9% +5 21-Leaf Clover
10 10% +5 Two-Headed Coin Flip

You can increase your Luck by one point by getting the Luck Implant perk from the New Vegas Medical Clinic.

Start out with eight Luck and bring it up to nine with the Implant, which is as high as it needs to be. Even the critical-hit happy builds should be satisfied with this, as it's not worth stripping a point from another S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Attribute for one measly point of critical hit percentage.

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    1 November 2015
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    12 June 2020
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    Nathan Garvin

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The year is 2281 - two hundred years after the old world was eradicated by nuclear fire - and now the New California Republic has become powerful along the western coast of what used to be the United State of America. They've expanded east into Nevada, but across the Colorado river to the east a united army of tribals - Caesar's Legion - have been organized under the guise of ancient Rome. War never changes, and impending conflict looms between the two sides, the prize being the Hoover Dam and control over the Mojave. Stuck in the middle are the residents of Nevada and the jewel in the desert; the city of New Vegas. But the mysterious overlord of New Vegas has his own plans for the future of the Mojave...

You are Courier six, an employee of the Mojave Express who has been entrusted with delivering a mysterious Platinum Chip. The delivery goes horribly awry, however, and after you are robbed and nearly killed for the package you were carrying, you must set out in pursuit of your attackers. Along the way you'll have to navigate the political struggles between factions both large and small, making friends and enemies between the various groups as your actions in the Mojave influence your reputation. Ultimately, a new overlord of the Mojave will be crowned... but will you place that crown upon the brow of Caesar, the New California Republic, the mysterious ruler of New Vegas... or yourself?

  • Character creation strategies including a run-down of SPECIAL attributes, Skills and Perks.
  • An ideal chronological order of events walkthrough that will take you through the entire Mojave.
  • Complete walkthrough of all the main quests and side quests, including faction quests and endings.
  • A power-gamey New Vegas Medical Center run, for those gamers who want to get off to a great start.
  • Information about factions and reputation.
  • The locations of stat-boosting Skill Books, unique weapons and armor and collectible Snowglobes.
  • A Trophy Guide including detailed information (when necessary) about how to obtain all the game's trophies.
  • Old World Blues DLC.

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