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Fallout: New Vegas
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Author(s): Nathan Garvin
First Published: 01-11-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 02-07-2020 / 09:30 GMT

Caesars Legion

Serving Caesars Servants

This section will cover the end-game quests for Caesar's Legion, starting after you destroy Mr. Houses's bunker under Fortification Hill. Caesar's got plans for you, which, as discussed earlier, involves taking out Mr. House if you haven't already. Before you start appeasing Caesar, however, let's explore Caesar's Legion Safehouse, complete the quests I Can Hear You Knocking for Lucius, and The Finger of Suspicion and the Legion version of I Put a Spell On You for Vulpes Inculta.

Caesars Legion Safehouse

Fast-travel to Caesar's Legion Safehouse, which is south-east of Nelson, near the Old Nuclear Test Site. With the key you can get inside where, like in the Follower's Safehouse you'll find some loot on some beds. This includes a Displacer Glove, Legion Praetorian Armor, two Time Bombs, Legion Vexillarius Armor, a Legion Vexillarius Helmet, a Sniper Rifle, two cases of .308 Rounds, a Chainsaw, Centurion Armor and a Centurion Helmet.

You can score some choice loot if you get the Caesar's Legion Safehouse Key (left). Obtain a Howitzer Firing Mechanism for Lucius by looting a Gun Cabinet in the Nellis Workshop building (right).

I Can Hear You Knocking

Once you're done looting the place, fast-travel to Nellis Air Force Base. Make your way to the Nellis Workshop building and loot the Gun Cabinet in the north-western corner of the room to find the Firing Mechanism. Bring the device back to The Fort and repair the Howitzer, then inform Lucius of your deed.

Objective Reward
For repairing the Legion Howitzer 100 XP Caesar's Legion Fame

The Finger of Suspicion

Next talk to Vulpes Inculta, who also has a task for you. One of the Legion's informants - Martina Groesbeck - has been found out, and it's only a matter of time until the Omertas decide to pay her a visit. Accepting to help out starts the quest The Finger of Suspicion .

Fast-travel to The Strip and make your way to the Vault 21 Gift Shop. Enter the hotel and search its southern end to find Martina... who is already "entertaining" some Omerta Thugs. Either kill the thugs without talking to them, talk to them and provoke them, or pass a [Speech 50] check to get them to go away without violence. Once done, talk to Martina and she'll tell you that she works for the NCR, despite the fact that it was the Legion who sent you to protect her. She seems fairly certain of this fact (and refers to the Legion as "slavers")... her NCR point of contact is, interestingly enough, Captain Curtis at Camp McCarran.

Talk to Vulpes Inculta to learn about an informant who is about to meet a bad end at the hands of the Omertas (left). Rescue poor, clueless Martina Groesbeck and she'll name-drop Captain Curtis (right).

After Martina has been rescued return to Vulpes Inculta to get your reward for rescuing Martina. Ask him about Captain Curtis and Vulpes will refer you to the double agent, which starts the quest I Put A Spell On You .

Objective Reward
For rescuing Martina 200 XP Caesar's Legion Fame

I Put a Spell On You

Make your way to Camp McCarran and talk to Capt. Ronald Curtis, who now has the dialogue option "I know who you are. I'm working for the Legion, too." Once you reveal who you are working for, he'll tell you the details about his operation, and how you can help him deflect suspicious eyes off of him and complete his mission.

Once you reveal yourself as an ally of the Legion, Captain Curtis will cut you in on his scheme (left). Take the items you'll need to frame poor, oblivious Private Crenshaw out of a Garbage Can in the Terminal Building (right).

Your objectives now are to plant the bomb on the train, frame (and kill) Private Crenshaw, then report in to Colonel Hsu. Simple enough, especially if your reputation with the NCR is still high. First things first, go talk to Colonel Hsu and offer to find the NCR leak (if you haven't already) then find a garbage can opposite (south of) the doors that connect the Terminal Building to the occupied part of the camp, between a counter and some roped-off areas. Inside you'll find an Explosive Charge, some Monorail Sabotage Plans and miscellaneous bomb supplies (Abraxo Cleaner, a Conductor, a Fission Battery and some Wonderglue).

Grab all these items then head up some stairs to the east to find the door leading to the monorail. If your reputation with the NCR is good enough to start this quest, it should be good enough to get unrestricted access to the monorail. If not, you'll need to try to sneak you way in by taking advantage of the change in guard shifts at 9:00 and 18:00. However you get to the monorail, board the train and activate a Vent near a door to the east. Once done, get off the monorail and watch it embark on its final voyage.

Plant the bomb on a vent in the train car (left), then watch it depart on its final voyage (right).

After the monorail has been dealt with, it's time to frame poor Private Crenshaw. Return to the Terminal Building and exit out a garage door to the south to reach the unoccupied part of the air field, where the remnants of pre-war planes rest. Find Private Crenshaw walking his useless rounds along the southern end of the field. Talk to him about pranks then pass a [Sneak 40] check to play the ultimate prank on him, or kill him in some other, less interesting fashion.

You can outright kill Private Crenshaw, if you're quiet, but it's more fun to play a little prank on him, instead (left). Once Private Crenshaw is out of the way, plant the evidence from the Garbage Can in his Footlocker to frame him (right).

Objective Reward
For helping Curtis sabotage the monorail 500 XP 150 Caps Caesar's Legion Fame

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