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Virgil Queens Blood Players


"Virgil" iconVirgil, a Queen’s Blood player and card collector, resides in Kalm at the Village Overlook. Players encounter him during the A Rare Card Lost side quest after defeating "Vash" iconVash and seeking to reclaim the Chocobo & Moogle card.

After defeating Virgil, players learn that he has already sold the coveted Chocobo & Moogle card to Thorin, a card collector residing in the "Grasslands" iconGrasslands near Kalm. To retrieve the card, players must venture to Thorin’s hut, located not far from Kalm. However, be prepared to confront "Orc" iconOrcs guarding his dwelling, necessitating swift action to overcome.

Upon reaching Thorin’s hut and overcoming the obstacles, players confront him to retrieve the lost card. Thorin’s defeat prompts him to admit to the card’s sale. Successfully reclaiming the Chocobo & Moogle card from Thorin completes the quest.

Where to Find / Location

To locate "Virgil" iconVirgil, players must journey to the Clock Tower area in Kalm after emerging victorious against "Vash" iconVash in a Queen’s Blood duel. Virgil awaits challengers near the Clock Tower.


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