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Sultan of Squat

Complete all squat challenges.

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Game: Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade
Type: Bronze
Rarity: % (Ultra Rare)
Tags: Mini-game

After competing in the Underground Colosseum in Chapter 9 you’ll be assigned some side quests, one of which is always Burning Thighs. This quest will introduce you to the magical world of squats! To earn this trophy you’ll need to defeat Ronnie, Jay and finally Jules by performing more squats than your opponent in a set amount of time. To perform squats you’ll need to press the [Triangle], [Circle], [Cross] and [Square] buttons in order and in time with Cloud’s movements. The timing is fairly generous, and it’s often safer to wait until you know it’s safe to continue the sequence before pressing the next button. The more squats you perform in succession the faster Cloud will move, allowing you to increase the tempo, and at some point you’ll be able to mash off combos as fast as you can sequentially press the buttons. Once you get the timing down, the only snag is that occasionally you’ll have to stop to mash a button during your combo. Squats honestly aren’t that difficult, and with a little practice you should score this trophy - for more tips, check out the guide’s Squats page.

(1 of 3) Press the buttons in order and at the right time to perform a squat,


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