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Weapons Expert

Learn all weapon abilities.

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Game: Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade
Type: Silver
Rarity: % (Ultra Rare)
Tags: (None)

Every weapon has an ability that you can learn by using it enough times. In order to achieve this Trophy, you’ll need to first locate every weapon and then take the time to learn each ability. You’ll find a list below of every weapon for each character and their location:


Weapon Location Ability
Buster Sword Default Focused Thrust
Iron Blade Chapter 3 - Main Scenario Triple Slash
Nail Bat Chapter 8 - Complete the Kids on Patrol Side Quest Disorder
Hardedge Chapter 9 - Wall Market Weapon Store Infinity’s End
Mythril Saber Chapter 14 - Wall Market Weapon Store Blade Burst
Twin Stinger Chapter 17 - The Drum Level 3 Counterstance


Weapon Location Ability
Gatling Gun Default Focused Shot
Light Machine Gun Upon completion of Chapter 6 Lifesaver
Big Bertha Chapter 13 - Evergreen Park Item Shop Maximum Fury
Steel Pincers Chapter 14 - Moogle Emporium Charging Uppercut
Wrecking Ball Chapter 14 - Complete Subterranean Meanace Smackdown
EKG Cannon Chapter 16 - Pay 10,000 Gil to Mayor Domino’s Assistant Point Blank


Weapon Location Ability
Leather Gloves Default Dive Kick
Metal Knuckles Chapter 5 - Crab Warden Drop Overpower
Sonic Strikers Chapter 7 - B4 Chest Focused Strike
Feathered Gloves Chapter 10 - Chest in Aqueduct 1 Starshower
Mythril Claws Chapter 13 - Failed Experiment Drop Chi Trap
Purple Pain Chapter 16 - Missable Chest during Tifa Segment True Strike


Weapon Location Ability
Guard Stick Default Arcane Ward
Silver Staff Chapter 8 - Moogle Emporium Sorcerous Storm
Arcane Scepter Chapter 9 - Complete A Dynamite Body or Shears’ Counterattack Fleeting Familiar
Mythril Rod Chapter 11 - Chest in the first area, to the west Ray of Judgment
Bladed Staff Chapter 11 - Steal from Eligor Lustrous Shield
Reinforced Staff Chapter 17 - Chest In Aerith’s Room ATB Ward


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