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Gungnir Odin

Category iconDetails

Summon the legendary weapon "Gungnir" iconGungnir and lash out in all directions, dealing continuous hits to all nearby enemies.

  • Follow-up strikes can be performed by tapping the execute button.
  • Landing hits fills the Zantetsuken gauge.
  • Landing hits does not fill the "Limit Break" iconLimit Break gauge.
  • Pressing DualSense-ButtonCross-Filled while wielding "Gungnir" iconGungnir lifts enemies.
  • Lifting enemies in this manner limits Zantetsuken gauge gain, but renders them vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

Category iconUpgrade

Increases follow-up attack speed.

Category iconMastery

Allows assignment to any "Eikon" iconEikon.

Category iconBattle Techniques

Collateral "Gungnir" iconGungnir
Strike multiple enemies with a single "Gungnir" iconGungnir.

*Bonus points are awarded for using Battle Techniques during Arcade Mode.

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