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Brittle Marble Shard Natural Resources


A nugget that seems useful for one thing: upograding armor.

This is a tier one upgrading item that you will need to mine if you intend to upgrade your gear through the early levels.

How to Find this Item

The "Brittle Marble Shard" iconBrittle Marble Shards are fairly rare, and are often found in more diffiuclt areas of the mpa for your current difficulty setting. The examples of these are often found in the Anthills, caves and other locations around the map.

The list of locations we are aware of are as follows:

  • Red Anthill - Found slightly to the northwest of the first field station you encounter.
  • Pond Lab - It is one of many itmes you can find in the storage area. Players will visit this fairly early on as part of their lab investigations.
  • Four leaf clover cave - An underwater cave you can swim through near the swampy are in the south east of the greasslands.
  • Hamster cave - Near the rake and just before the haze area.
  • Old Anthill - Near the Oak Tree

Upon finding one, you will need to equip a tier one hammer at minimum and hit the Marble untill it shatters into pieces for you to loot. You can then turn them into "Brittle Plating" iconBrittle Platings or use in the construction of the smithing station.

Used In

"Brittle Plating" iconBrittle Plating Upgrades


Tier I
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