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Sour Jewel Upgrades


A fusion of sour globs and twinkling shells. Further unlocks the special properties of equipment.

"Sour Jewel" iconSour Jewels are an upgrade material used to upgrade various equipment to level 9 when used in conjunction with the Smithing Station. This can only be used on equipment with the “Sour” enhancement like the "Sour Staff" iconSour Staff.

How to Find this Item

This is a fairly late-game material as you’ll need to have the “Advanced Smithing: Flavored Jewels” recipe which can be obtained from the Stump BURG.L Chip that can be found at the end of the Stump Lab Outpost. This recipe will set you back 2,500 Raw Science.

Once you have access to the recipe. You’ll need to place for the following items into the oven:

Each recipe will yield one "Sour Jewel" iconSour Jewel.


Tier III


"Sour Lump" iconSour Lump Natural Resources
"Twinkling Shell" iconTwinkling Shell Natural Resources
"Supreme Whetstone" iconSupreme Whetstone Upgrades
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