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Spicy Glob Upgrades


A collection of spicy shars, baked and shaped into a cubular glob. Perfect for imbuing equipment with special properties.

This Tier II material resource allows you to enhance your tools to have the “Spicy” enhancement. This will increase the damage you do to any creature that is weak to it, but will decrease the damage to any creature that isn’t.

How to Find this Item

This recipe can be unlocked by purchasing the “Advanced Smithing: Flavored Globs” recipe for 2,500 Raw Science. To access this recipe, you’ll need to get the Sandbox BURG.L Chip which can be found at the end of the Sandbox Lab Outpost after defeating the mini-boss there. You’ll find it hidden behind the shovel.

To craft a "Spicy Glob" iconSpicy Glob, you’ll need to place the following items into the Oven:

Icon Name Quantity
Salt Shard "Spicy Shard" iconSpicy Shard 2
Sturdy Whetstone "Sturdy Whetstone" iconSturdy Whetstone 1

Each craft will yield one Spicy Glob. It’s worth noting that "Spicy Shard" iconSpicy Shards can be obtained from Hot Chachas Candy.

Interactive Map Markers

Hot Chachas Candy Locations

Location Map Marker
Sandpit Map Pin
Glove (northeast of the Termite Nest entrance) Map Pin
Upper Grasslands Deck Chair Map Pin
North Termite Nest 1 Map Pin
North Termite Nest 2 Map Pin
Wood Pile Entrance Map Pin
Fire Anthill (East Upper Grasslands) Map Pin

Sturdy Quartzite Shard Locations

Location Map Marker
Sandpit 1 Map Pin
Sandpit 2 Map Pin
Sandpit 3 Map Pin
4-Leaf Clover Cave Map Pin
Termite Nest Map Pin
Upper Grasslands Deck Map Pin
East Upper Grasslands Map Pin


Tier II


"Spicy Glob" iconSpicy Glob Upgrades
"Sturdy Whetstone" iconSturdy Whetstone Upgrades

Used In

"Spicy Coaltana" iconSpicy Coaltana Melee
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