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Last Day of June
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Scott Peers
First Published: 09-05-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 19-05-2019 / 18:49 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 16-10-2019 / 03:11 GMT

Last Day of June Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Story Walkthrough

Carl - A House in Darkness

In this first chapter you will find yourself back at the house, only this time it is lifeless and gloomy, a stark departure from the dreamy autumnal ambience which characterised the prologue. Playing as Carl, wake from the nightmare of the car crash, unlocking A Bad Dream, then get yourself into the wheelchair. Your stomach is rumbling and you need something to eat. Go into the kitchen and open the fridge on the right. After noting that it is empty, go to the shelf by the window and reach for a tin of food. After struggling to open the tin with your hands, you will need to find a tin opener. Go into the hallway by the fridge, turn right and open the door. As you go in you will find three boxes on the floor. The box containing the tin opener is directly opposite the entrance to the room, beneath the painting canvas. Search through it. As you find the opener the cloth that was covering the canvas will fall off, revealing a painting of June. Interact with it and choose to remember.


You will be transported to the roadside at the edge of the village, playing briefly as The Kid. Run down to the road and retrieve the ball. The car that Carl and June are driving will approach and swerve off the road, at which point you will be transported back to the house playing as Carl. The painting of June has now changed to a painting of The Kid’s ball. Attempt to remember it three times. As you fail on the third attempt, the other canvases in the room will become activated and you will automatically face one to the left of the painting of the ball. Interact with it. At this point a cut scene will reveal a number of paintings associated with each character and their houses in the village. You will also see a diorama of Carl and June, forming one of a total of sixteen, seven of which you can access at this stage in the game. At the end of the cut scene the front door will open, allowing you to go outside and explore them (in no particular order):

First group of dioramas
Carl and June making a scarecrow
Carl and June holding hands while sitting on the water well
Carl watching June paint a picture of The Kid
Carl standing on a rock to reach a flower for June
June painting Carl as he flexes his arm in a pose
Carl and June dancing under a tree
Carl and June talking on a bench overlooking the lake

Important! Be sure to interact with each diorama to ensure that you register it for the achievement that is unlocked after interacting with all sixteen of them.

Once you have inspected each of the dioramas, head back toward the diorama where June is painting a picture of The Kid (opposite Carl and June’s house). Approach the painting of The Kid and interact with it. As the painting disappears a cut scene will reveal to you that the painting of The Kid in the house can now be interacted with. Make your way back to the painting room and interact with the glowing canvas. The painting of The Kid will be unveiled, and the doors will shut. Interact with the painting of The Kid and choose to Save Her.

Guide Information

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    Adventure, Puzzle
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    9 May 2018
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    19 May 2019
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    Scott Peers

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