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Last Day of June
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Scott Peers
First Published: 09-05-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 19-05-2019 / 18:49 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 16-10-2019 / 03:12 GMT

Last Day of June Guide

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Story Walkthrough

The Kid - Playing Ball

As you begin to play from the perspective of The Kid, you will find yourself at an earlier point in the story where Carl opens the window to see where the gun shots are coming from. After the Kid asks Carl to play ball with him, he goes on to ask The Hunter and The Best Friend. When they decline, The Kid will pick up some rope and a kite before heading to his tree house. After the cut scene, you will be presented with a selection of four cards, each associated with the other playable characters; The Kid, The Best Friend, The Hunter and The Old Man. You must now play through the last day of June from the perspective of each character, altering their actions in different ways to save June from dying in a car crash on the way home from the lake.

Note: As you play through the story you will have access to specific areas only for the duration of the session. If you want to explore the world more thoroughly as a particular character, do it before you choose to end the day and after you have collected all the relevant achievements and memories.

The sequence begins with you sitting in The Kid’s tree house. A gust of wind blows his ball and kite from the top of the house, and he must now retrieve them. However, you will not be able to climb down from the tree house without using the rope he picked up earlier. The red and white coloured rope is located opposite the bed. Pick it up and tie it to the metal hook, allowing you to climb down from the tree house. When you reach the bottom, The Old Man will take the rope from you. Go to the back garden of the house to find the first Kid memory (1/5), located in the corner to the right as you enter the garden from the gate. Now go to the opposite end of the garden where you will find the ball on a bench. As you pick it up, you will notice the kite stuck in a tree below. Before going to it, take the ball to the basketball hoop near the entrance of the back garden. Try to throw the ball through the basketball hoop four times, unlocking the hidden achievement Not Great at Basketball. Pick up the ball again and use it to knock over the green vases in the garden. Now go under the hole in the fence out onto the main path. There will be an option to play ball with The Dog, but do not take it yet as it will end the memory before you have unlocked and collected everything. First, turn left where you will find two more vases, one in the garden next door and one further around the path where The Hunter is trying to shoot a bird. Knocking all four over unlocks Menace. Run back along the path toward the bridge crossing over the main road. The second Kid memory (2/5) is located at the end of it. Now you can return to the dog to end the day from the perspective of The Kid.


Attempt to shoot the ball through the hoop four times to unlock the hidden achievement Not Great At Basketball.
An example of what the collectable memories look like for each character.


Once the tragedy has played out, you will find yourself playing as Carl back in the painting room. Interact with The Kid’s painting again to rewind the memory and attempt to avoid the tragedy.

The Kid

You will re-enter the story from the perspective of The Kid at the point where he finds the ball on the bench in the back garden. This time, go to The Old Man outside the church from where he beckons you, turning right from the front of the house and up the stone stairs. Once there, you will notice the red and white rope to the left of The Old Man. You will need to use it to climb down to where the kite is, but the old man will not allow it until you distract him. Use the ball to knock over the vase at the top of the stairs. While The Old Man is distracted take the rope, tie it to the metal hook and climb down. You will now have access to the kite, but before you attempt to get it go to the telescope overlooking the lake and use it to see Carl and June on the pier (unlocks Explorer). Once unlocked, go to the gate at the bottom of the stairs. Unlatch it and run up to where The Old Man is standing to get your ball. Take the ball to the tree in which the kite is stuck and use it to knock the kite out of the basketball hoop. You can now take the kite to The Old Man and play with him (unlocks I’m Still Here). After the cut scene you will be taken back to the four character cards and you will see a version of the story in which The Kid is not responsible for the crash.


Remember to look through the telescope to view Carl and June at the lake.

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