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Manor Lords

Burgage Plots Guide: Levels, Designs, Extensions & More

Craig Robinson

Manor Lords’ Burgage Plot is a type of residential construction that players will use to create housing. Players can dynamically draw the shapes and plot the design of their houses, and how big they are, along with factoring in any expansion and extension slots they want to have. You can use several tips and tricks for Burgage Plots to plan your towns and improve them over time. This guide will give you those tips, teaching about design, layouts, expansions, leveling up and more.

Here is everything you need to know to create Burgage Plots in Manor Lords.

A Guide to Burgage Plots

Burgage Plots are a type of building that will house your population in Manor Lords. When placing down a Burgage Plot, you can draw the general layout of the area you want to turn into a residential area and then place the four markers down to design an area. Once settled, rotate the placements as necessary, and press the plus and minus to determine how many homes you want in that area, depending on the size you drew.

When placing your Burgage Plots, there are a few things to consider:

  • Location to amenities like the Church, Tavern, and Market Stalls
  • If your Plot will have an Extension or an Expansion

Location is important, as a house that can easily access amenities, especially market stalls, can grab resources faster and keep their approval up. This is important for higher level satisfaction when you start leveling up Burgage Plots (more on this later).

The other factor is to consider Extensions and Expansions. Expansions allow you to get an extra house on the plot to get more income from families. Extensions are also important if you plan on getting passive materials and food sources for the settlement or turning your family into an artisan for making armor and weapons, or commodities.

Leveling up Burgage Plots

Leveling up Burgage Plots in Manor Lords is a key part of the game. You will need to level up Burgage Plots to access more extensions and artisan roles for your population. It will also increase your Regional Wealth income you generate from citizens, and thus serves as an important levy.

To upgrade Burgage Plots in Manor Lords, you need to do the following:

  • Select a Burgage Plot
  • Tick off the requirements to level up the building
  • Once all objectives are done, press the upgrade button on the plot’s HUD
  • Citizens will then build the upgrades from stockpiled logs and planks

Check the objectives under amenities and market supply to see what you need to level up your Burgage Plot in Manor Lords.

Every time you upgrade Burgage Plots, it will then need new requirements to maintain and get access to before leveling up again. Failing to maintain standards will lower approval ratings. This has an affect on military morale and population growth. You can get an idea of the Burgage Plot requirements per level in the table below.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Wooden Church Two sources of food Level 2 Church
Fuel Stall Clothing Stall Tavern
Food Stall Three sources of food

You will want to upgrade your Burgage Plot levels, as you need to upgrade certain amounts of plots to increase your Settlement Level. Doing so unlocks more Development Points to spend on research for that settlement. This is your main goal for settlement progression.

Burgage Plot Extensions and Artisans

Extensions are another major part of Burgage Plots in Manor Lords. You can tell if a plot of land will have an Extension by the shed icon with a hammer when drawing the plot. Expansions are indicated by the other house on the plot for a second family to move into.

Expansions for Burgage Plots enable players to expand food sources, such as Chicken Eggs, or plant vegetables. You can even get Goats for houses or Apples if you have the Orchid development. The size of the plot will increase the number of vegetables, while apple trees require a few years to mature and can only be harvested in September.

Extensions to Burgage Plots increase food availability and create special goods for artisan families.

When you reach Level 2 Burgage Plots, you unlock the artisan extensions. Constructing an artisan extension will take the family living in that Burgage Plot out of the job market. That family will now begin crafting associated artisan trade goods.

The artisan roles are as follows:

  • Blacksmith’s Workshop - Swords, Spears and Tool
  • Bowyer’s Workshop - Warbows
  • Tailor’s Workshop - Gambesons, Clothes, Cloaks
  • Armorer’s Workshop - Requires Armorsmithing developments, which can enable helmet, mail, and plate armor, depending on the level of research development unlocked
  • Bakery - Produces bread at a more efficient rate than the communal oven
  • Cobbler’s Workshop - Shoes
  • Brewery Extension - Turns Malt into Ale to sell at the Tavern
  • Joiner’s Workshop - Converts wood into Wooden Parts and Shields

You will need to have a healthy population to create artisans, as these jobs will lock families away from the rest of society. Some have more priority than others, depending on the needs of the town and your goals.

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