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Manor Lords

Getting Fuel and Firewood

Craig Robinson

Fuel is an important part of Manor Lords, where players require fuel to keep their burgage plots warm, and their industries fueled. Without them, your citizens cannot produce advanced goods, nor can they keep their homes warm through the winter months. So, to assist you, here’s everything you need to know about fuel and firewood in Manor Lords. Thankfully all you need is a woodcutter’s camping site from the industry menu to passively gain fuel.

The Woodcutter’s camp is the main way you’ll get fuel and firewood in Manor Lords.

Fuel and Firewood Locations

There are currently two fuel methods in Manor Lords:

  • Getting Firewood
  • Charcoal
  • Foreign Supplies Development

Firewood is the simplest and easiest to get. When you start a playthrough of Manor Lords, you will need to start gathering and stockpiling fuel for winter. You can do so by building a Woodcutter’s Lodge from the gathering construction menu on your UI. From there, place one down near a dense woodland area, and assign a family to work it. From here, the employees will start cutting down trees, and turning the lumber into firewood. These employees will typically have a member of the family transport that firewood to either the storehouse, or to a marketplace, where they can trade it to citizens who need firewood for their industry, burgage plot or artisan extension.

If you employ people at storehouses, they can also create fuel marketplaces too. Make sure you have built a marketplace, which you can build under the residential menu in the building menu. Families eligible to create fuel stalls will automatically do so. Make sure there’s enough supply coming in of fuel to ensure all citizens can get their hand on the fuel they need.

The other method of getting fuel in Manor Lords is via Charcoal. This is a special technology you can get with development points. Unlocking it allows you to turn one firewood into two charcoal. Charcoal can then be used as fuel for industries.

The final method of getting fuel and firewood in Manor Lords is by unlocking the Foreign Supplies development. This allows you to passively get food and fuel by creating fuel and food carts at your market stalls as foreign traders visit. You will need some wealth to get them, but, you won’t have to pay the transport fees that come with it.

And there you have it, this about concludes everything you need to know about getting firewood and fuel in Manor Lords.

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