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Manor Lords

Increasing Population Growth and Getting More Families

Craig Robinson

Population management and families are an important part of Manor Lords. As part of the gameplay loop, you will want to increase your population by getting families, allowing you to fulfill more jobs, and have spare troops, and artisans. These tips should help you increase your population in Manor Lords and acquire more families.

Families are the core to growing your settlement, expanding jobs, and succeeding. Here’s how to get more families in Manor Lords.

Getting More Population

To increase your population in Manor Lords, you will need to get more families. There are several methods for this, which are as follows:

  1. Have medium or high approval rating
  2. Spare Burgage plots to accommodate new families

The popularity score of your Approval Rating determines natural population growth. You can find the approval rating via the percentage with the thumbs-up icon on the top left side of your HUD. If you have low approval, then it is likely you’ll lose population as families leave town. If your population is neutral, then you will have a low growth rate. Staying above the 75% approval will encourage easy population growth.

To keep approval high, make sure there’s a large stock of fuel and a variety of food at market stalls. Adding areas for entertainment, religion and more will also greatly improve the happiness of your citizens. If approval starts lowering, you can check on the thumbs-down icon on your HUD to find out what burgage plot has problems. You can then aim to address those concerns to stop declining approval ratings. Typically, it’s town planning, not having desired commodities, supply versus demand, or the length of time goods take to get from one place to another. Plan around these effectively.

To get more population growth in Manor Lords, you need to keep your approval high and the people happy.

In addition, you must have spare housing to grow your population in Manor Lords. When you have medium approval or high approval you’ll trigger population growth when spare housing is available at newly constructed burgage plots with no resident in them. Expanding Plots also enables more ways to get more families into spare housing.

It also goes without saying that low approval, low security, death, and warfare will take the population out of your settlement. Try to balance natural deaths versus catastrophes to avoid lowering birth rates while also reeling with a declining population. This is a ticket for your playthrough coming to an abrupt end failing to manage both metrics.

This summarizes all you need to know about population growth in Manor Lords and getting more families. These tips should help you control the population to the best of your ability, along with town planning and encouraging a naturally expanding town population.

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