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Manor Lords

Getting Apple Orchards

Craig Robinson

Apple Orchards in Manor Lords is a type of burgage plot extension that allows residents to grow apple trees and produce apples. They operate similarly to the vegetables extension, enabling seasonal growth to produce large quantities of food during the harvesting season. However, apple orchards are locked behind a development, and will take a lot longer to plan. Here’s a closer look at everything you need to know about apple orchards in Manor Lords.

Here is a closer look at how to build apple orchards in Manor Lords and tips for using them.

Unlocking the Apple Orchardry

To get Apple Orchards, you need to do the following

  1. Unlock the Orchard Development by spending 1 development point on it
  2. Build Burgage Plots with enough room for large extensions
  3. Build the Apple Orchard using 50 Regional Wealth

As stated, the Apple Orchard is locked behind one development point research, the Orchardry. This is a tier-one farming development, so you can get this with your very first development point if you wish.

Players can unlock the Apple Orchardry development easily from the first farming tier research.

From there, you need to build burgage plots with ideally a large extension. The larger the extension the better it is, as it means you have more room to grow trees, and more trees means more apples. It also costs the same regardless of room in the extension, so, that means more bang for your buck.

The only downside to large orchards is that the apples will take longer to tend to. Try to avoid placing the orchards in burgage plots that farmers live in. They’ll be busy harvesting regular farms during that time, so harvesting your apple trees may have harvesting issues in that context.

Harvesting Apples

Once you’ve committed to the Apple tree extension, your residents will begin planting trees. This is important as from the moment they are planted, they take around three years to grow. During this time the apple trees will not be efficient, but they shall produce a few apples here and there for your people to eat. When the trees are matured, they shall start producing apples throughout the year, with an abundant harvest during September.

The benefit of fully grown orchards is that you will passively need to get multiple food sources to improve your population’s approval rating. As you upgrade burgage plots, they want more varieties of food at food market stalls. Typically, your food varieties will consist of bread, meat, eggs and vegetables via burgage plots, but getting apples is an alternative for more variety. The more variety of food and the more of it you have coming in, the easier it is to keep your large populations happy.

This concludes everything you need to know about making apple orchards in Manor Lords. Hopefully, these tips and ideas will help you make the best use of your apple orchards and feed your even happier population.

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