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Manor Lords

Armaments System Explained: Armor and Weapons

Craig Robinson

Manor Lords’ Armament System is the feature that determines what the males of a household will use in times of battle. At the start of the game, you won’t have access to any. Yet, as you progress you will want to start thinking and preparing for battle at some point from oncoming raids and hostile AI. So, this leads you to get armor and weapons and increase the armaments available for your citizens. To make and get armor and weapons in Manor Lords, you must get artisans in Burgage Plots by building specific roles in Burgage Plots.

Here is a closer look at Manor Lords’ Armament System, and how to get armor and weapons to your citizens. Image via Slavic Magic.

Getting Armor and Weapons

For the most part, Manor Lords’ Weapons and armor are items you will specifically produce in your settlements. You will need:

  • Developments like Armorsmithing
  • Level 2 burgage plot big enough for an extension.

When setting up your burgage plot markers, the house will needs to be long and/or wide enough to get the shed icon with a hammer. This indicates where an extension will spawn when you opt to build one. From then on, you need to upgrade burgage plots to level 2. You can do this by ensuring the house has access to the right necessities, typically affecting market stalls and market supply displayed under each household when you click a Plot. When those objectives are met, upgrade the building by clicking on the icon at the center of the burgage plot pop-up window.

Once a burgage plot is level 2, and is the right size for an extension, you can see a list of options to create an artisan family. Level 2 Plots gain access to the artisan trades. Bow works, Blacksmiths, Tailors, and Armormaker extensions take the family living in that burgage plot out of the job pool to focus solely on that role.

(1 of 3) Creating a Tailor extension enables you to craft Gambesons that serve as the early-tier armor for your troops.

Nearly all armor and weapon crafting doesn’t require development, except for armormaking, and that is separated into tiers.

  • Helmets - Basic armormaking
  • Mail armor - Advanced armormaking
  • Plate armor - Master armormaking

All other forms of armor and weaponry can be crafted via the other artisan roles:

  • Tailors create Gambeson armor, along with other clothing items
  • Bowyers solely operate on war bows
  • Blacksmiths make swords, spears, and tools

Once you start making these items, your population will slowly begin to arm itself ready for combat. And there you have it, you know how to get armor and weapons in Manor Lords. The only thing left now is how the armament system works.

How Armaments Work

Armament is a specific menu that players can find in the UI at the very top right of the screen and in each individual burgage plot. The menu at the top right of the screen will tell you your total possessed weapons and armor across the settlement. Meanwhile, each individual burgage plot will have a list of items stored for the men of the household to use in times of combat.

As your settlements gain the ability to craft various forms of armor and weaponry, they will begin to gather items they need for combat. When your army rallies under the army menu at the bottom of the UI, any males with access to armaments will rally and fulfill their role, depending on their assigned gear.

Typically, you’ll want some armor and weaponry within the first few years of the game, thanks to potential bandit raids. If you’re playing a scenario where you need to defeat the enemy AI lord, you must prepare for conquest by building your personnel and armaments up over time.

This summarizes the basics of the armament system in Manor Lords and getting armor and weapons to your citizenry. You should now have a better idea of how to prepare for combat and how to prepare your citizens for the task at hand.

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